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Monday Night (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 27-April-2015  21:26:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NBN Co have ditched the "Co", simply being known as NBN now. Questioned on whether the name change would be confusing for end-users and internet service provider partners in differentiating the company from the network, a spokesperson said the response from ISPs so far had been "ovewhelmingly" positively. "They believe that the more aspirational and inspirational positioning will help them spur sales of broadband products". The name change, new logo and motto earned a marketing company about $700k. Far out.

Valve have announced a paid mod system, which hasn't met much of a positive response. Obviously, paying for mods — even just as an option — is a pretty big change from what people are used to. It’s not uncommon for people to ask for donations, a nickel or two going clink in the cup, but charging upfront? Definitely not the standard. Some, however, are worried that it could become the norm, not the exception, which would fundamentally alter the mod scene. More here, thanks Tekin, and discussion here.

Google are a little red-faced after realising that blindly allowing anyone to edit Google Maps wasn't a great idea. Google says it’s working to improve its spam-detection systems in its Google Maps platform after yet another prank allowed a user to upload an inappropriate image to Google Maps. This most recent image, which showed the Google Android mascot urinating on the Apple logo in the style of those unfortunate Calvin and Hobbes bootleg decals, was apparently uploaded by a Map Maker user “nitricboy” yesterday, according to his user profile page on Map Maker.

HWInsights are building a database of UPS waveforms. This overview is an attempt to built a database of real output from different uninterruptible power supplies running in battery mode. In other words, database of UPS inverter waveforms. Many devices are built to operate with sine wave input with 50/60Hz frequency and it is not really a good idea to feed them with something completely different. And you may be surprised how many UPSes have some very strange output, which definitely does not make different kinds of devices happy (like pumps, fans and other motors, transformers). Depending on the waveform, often even active PFC power supplies have problems. And with some UPSes, you can see even lightbulb flicker with naked eye.

Tech Report have an article about making semiconductors. Have you ever wondered how the chips in PCs, smartphones, and other devices go from initial ideas to final products? Rys Sommefeldt walks us through the entire process, from conception through mass production.

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