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Thursday Midday (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 30-April-2015  12:11:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Valve has backtracked, removing the paid mod system from Steam Workshop after widespread negative feedback. A representative from Valve has announced that the company will remove Steam Workshop's controversial paid mods functionality. In a post today, Valve employee Alden Kroll confirmed that the functionality will be removed, and all customers who have paid for mods will be refunded. Discussion continues here.

Meanwhile EA's Origin has to provide refunds to Australian gamers, after being tackled by the ACCC. Under the terms of its undertaking with the ACCC, EA has agreed to offer refunds to customers who purchased faulty games through Origin after January 1, 2012. Customers who has not previously contacted EA may do so to have their claim assessed, whereas customers who had been denied a refund can have their claims reassessed.

Microsoft will be bringing Android and iOS apps to Windows 10. The broader theme of Microsoft's work is to make Windows 10 the platform for developers. It will give them one app platform that spans phone, tablet, PC, hybrid, and console, and thanks to the free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, it should be much less fragmented than Windows in the past. The company has the incredibly ambitious goal of having 1 billion users on the Windows 10 family within 2-3 years of launch.

iiNet's acquisition by TPG may have been trumped by a $1.6B offer from M2, owners of the Dodo and iPrimus brands. Mr Malone told Fairfax Media he had sent emails and text messages to shareholders detailing why he preferred M2's share-swap offer valued at $1.6 billion over the all-cash deal TPG has proposed in his first detailed interview since the bidding war commenced. Mr Malone is one of several key players attempting to influence the outcome of iiNet's acquisition, which could be the biggest telco deal of the decade and create Australia's second-largest provider of fixed-line internet services.

Kevin Rudd's website was blocked from parliament computers recently. A spokeswoman said the website was mistakenly blocked when the the vendor behind Parliament House's internet filter changed the classification of the website to "weapons" without notice. Other content to do with illegal gambling and pornography is also blocked.

HWAsylum toured a gaming PC manufacturer. What I found to be most surprising during my visit is not really what they build but rather the scale of what they do it. For instance they often assemble over 100 systems a day and will send out three or more semi trailers full of systems a week. On top of that they have an onsite call center 24/7 and handle RMA issues in a special area next to the production line.

PCPerspective have some details on ARM's Cortex-A72 processor. On February 3rd, ARM announced a slew of new designs, including the Cortex A72. Few details were shared with us, but what we learned was that it could potentially redefine power and performance in the ARM ecosystem. Ryan was invited to London to participate in a deep dive of what ARM has done to improve its position against market behemoth Intel in the very competitive mobile space.

A buggy iPad update recently delayed several flights. Dozens of American Airlines flights in Dallas, New York City, and Chicago, experienced unexpected delays yesterday when pilotsí iPads unexpectedly crashed. The reason for the widespread crashes was a buggy update to the app that pilots use for everything from flight planning to checking the weather.

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