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Tuesday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 26-May-2015  01:20:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Time for some news catchup. Firstly, OCLunatics report on a 5GHz Broadwell overclock using only an air-cooler. Is it me, or has 5GHz been pretty much the wall for years now? China is the first to get unreleased hardware first, and the Broadwell desktop CPUs are no exception. Not only but the first overclocking results are quite impressive. Broadwell can do 5GHz on air, and this on an ordinary 12cm tower cooler, imagine with water or LN2. This are the first results of 14nm CPUs with not 100% compatible motherboards, imagine after some time with better BIOS and support.

iiNet will apparently be providing pro bono legal advice to customers caught up in the Dallas Buyers Club case. The ISP says it will inform customers if their details are passed on to Dallas Buyers Club and Voltage and this will occur at the same time that those details are handed over. As for what happens next, iiNet is getting on the front foot to assist its customers. "If you do receive a letter you may want to get legal advice," the blog post read. "iiNet is working with a law firm that has offered to provide pro-bono services for any of our customers. More details will be provided when agreement is reached on that front."

Here's an interesting idea, something like crowdsourcing 3D Printing. If you have a printer you can list it on there, or if you need something printed you can find someone nearby. If you're into 3D printing, check out our Hobby Engineering forum.

Tony_L sent word that Candy Crush Saga will come free with Windows 10. Why not Minecraft, now that Microsoft own it? King's match-three puzzle game Candy Crush Saga will join the likes of Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts as a pre-installed title on future Windows 10 operating systems, according to an announcement today on Xbox Wire.

Meanwhile mpot spotted Windows 10 on a 12-inch MacBook. Here's the real kicker: it's fast. It's smooth. It renders at 60FPS unless you have a lot going on. It's unequivocally better than performance on OS X, further leading me to believe that Apple really needs to overhaul how animations are done. Even when I turn Transparency off in OS X, Mission Control isn't completely smooth. Here, even after some Aero Glass transparency has been added in, everything is smooth. It's remarkable, and it makes me believe in the 12-inch MacBook more than ever before.

Metadata scope creep seems to have already occurred, with the new "Border Force" now having access. The Coalition previously insisted that the bill would "strictly limit and indeed reduce" the number of enforcement agencies with the ability to access retained metadata. However, this week the Government quietly expanded access with the introduction of a completely new bill. The change has been slammed by critics as an example of the Government's power to slowly change the strength and scope of its enforced Data Retention scheme, quietly beefing up the powers of Government agencies to surveil Australian citizens.

HotHardware looked at GTA V PC Performance. Today, we're aiming to give you quick taste of what GTA V can play and look like with an over-the-top system config at super-tight 4K resolution. What does it take to run GTA V at 4K? We'll give you a view of that, as well as how it scales over multiple NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 GPUs, in the pages ahead, along with some screen shots for just a bit of eye candy as well.

A site called Project Gus takes a look inside a cheap Chinese smartphone, thanks irvo44. This Huami H3 smartphone cost me $34US (210RMB) in January. It’s sold with a 5 inch screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G cell connectivity, Android 4.4 and an 8 core processor. I picked it up in the electronics capital of the world – Shenzhen, China. My hotel was a few doors down from the Mingtong Digital Communications Market, aka “the dodgy cell phone market”.

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