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Thursday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 4-June-2015  13:20:57 (GMT +10) - by Agg

PCPerspective have been playing with Five Intel SSD 750s and have some impressive numbers. With this testing out of the way, it looked like just under 1.8 million IOPS was the highest 4K random figure we would hit with four fully conditioned (i.e. all sectors written at least once) SSDs. We were pegging the CPU cores (all overclocked to 4.5 GHz) at the same time we were hitting the maximum throughput capability of the SSDs, so we couldn’t definitively make the call on which was a bottleneck. I believe that at this point *both* were contributing to the bottleneck, but I can say that we were able to squeeze just over 2 million IOPS out of this configuration before the SSDs were conditioned (fully written).

Popular geeky trinkets shop Thinkgeek is being bought by GameStop. There are few details on exactly how Geeknet and ThinkGeek will integrate with GameStop, but the press release annoucning the acquisition does note that GameStop wants to "leverage [Geeknet's] product development expertise to broaden our product offering in the fast-growing collectibles category." It's probably safe to say we'll start seeing more of the toys and oddities that ThinkGeek is known for in GameStop's stores before too long.

LegitReviews have some details of DX12 and Win10 on GTX 980 Ti. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti video card is said to be ready for Microsoft Windows 10 when the OS is released on July 29th as the hardware and software is ready to take advantage of the DirectX 12 API. Legit Reviews was able to sit down with NVIDIA’s Tom Peterson and discuss what exactly this meant in the days ahead of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti video card launch.

Intel have released details of Thunderbolt 3, which will use a reversible USB Type-C connector. The next laptop you buy with a USB Type-C port could be even more useful than you thought. Intel today unveiled Thunderbolt 3, which uses an identical port design as its USB brethren. So if Apple sticks with its new MacBook design, for instance, it could adopt the port and enable both Thunderbolt and USB Type-C without any adapters. It's a step toward simplifying the messy sea of ports often found on laptops and PCs, and could make Thunderbolt accessible to a larger group of people than before.

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