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Tuesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 11-August-2015  08:07:05 (GMT +10) - by booj

Tech Report has a podcast featuring special guest David Canter to deep dive into Intel's new Skylake CPU's. Well worth a listen if you want to hear from someone who truly understands CPU architectures.

Techspot test Windows 10 to find out how it fares compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in various aspects of the operating system including boot up and shutdown times, file copying, encoding, browsing, gaming and some synthetic benchmarks. There's plenty of Win10 discussion ongoing in this thread.

ISS astronauts have had their first taste of space lettuce. The vegetable experiment had been a long-awaited harvest for the astronauts, who say that the ability to grow and sustain crops in space may someday aid travelers on long space trips. Cultivating crops is seen as a critical step in the path to traveling to Mars, for instance. The verdict? “That’s awesome,” Mr. Lindgren said.

Are you a lol'er, a haha'er or a hehe'er? Based on a new report from Facebook, users that use LOL or laugh out loud to show laughter are in a minority. The vast majority of people in our dataset are haha-ers (51.4%), then there are the emoji lovers (33.7%), the hehe-ers (12.7%), and finally, the lol-ers (1.9%).

There's plenty of talk about how DirectX 12 will lead to increases in GPU performance by increasing the number of 'draw calls'. What exactly is a draw call (and what can it do)? Check out this article at PC Perspective to find out.

A new report on the cost of ad blocking has been released. With the use the ad blocking software on the rise, it is set to cost publishers in excess of $40bn by the end of next year according to a report from Adobe and anti-ad blocking firm PageFair, with European audiences more likely to block commercial content, compared to their US counterparts. Maybe if ads weren't so intrusive?...

The number of people falling victim to the latest version of the cryptolocker ransomware is increasing. The deputy chairwoman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Delia Rickard, said over the past two months there had been a spike in the number of people falling victim to the scam. The commission has received 2,500 complaints this year and estimates about $400,000 has been paid to the hackers.

Google have announced a massive restructuring. In a blog post today, Google co-founder Larry Page announced a massive restructuring of the company, instituting Sundar Pichai as CEO and shifting himself and co-founder Sergey Brin to a larger holding company called Alphabet.

Phoronix has a review of Windows 10 from a Linux users perspective. When I first started to talk to Michael about working with him this summer, one of the things we agreed on is that I would do a review of Windows 10. While I vastly prefer Linux as my day-to-day operating system, I do use Windows for gaming, and I also support Windows clients as part of my job at my University.

Nvidia G-Sync or AMD Freesync? Tom's Hardware ran a blind test to see what users felt was the better solution.

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