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Thursday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 29-October-2015  13:55:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's an article about how eSports are saving PCs - assuming they NEED saving. PC gaming hardware produced about $21.5 billion, or, roughly double that of the console hardware market. Quite contrary to the worn, 90s-era narrative of PC gaming’s imminent doom, ceding the gaming market to the console for all eternity, the exact opposite has been happening. And just a handful of games (among others) are driving this enormous resurgence: Defense of the Ancients 2 (1,262,612 daily players), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (819,902 players), and of course, the massive League of Legends which boasts an astounding 27 million daily players.

We've all seen Apple stores, even if only with a derisive glance from the outside. But HotHardware checked out Microsoft's flagship store on 5th Avenue, New York. And since we’re just a short drive away, and were already spending some time in Manhattan with the folks from Motorola and Verizon, we thought we’d pop in and take a look around. The store is comprised of multiple stories—an elevator has buttons for floors 1 – 4, but only the first three floors are open to the public. The store was absolutely jammed when we arrived and customers appeared to be enamored with the latest Surface devices, especially the Surface Book.

HWSecrets tackle that age-old question: is a new entry-level CPU quicker than an old high-end one? Recently, we published an article based on pure curiosity: “Which is the faster CPU: old but high-end or entry-level and new? – Part 1,” where we ran several benchmarks to test the processing performance of the CPUs. After that, we still had one big question: for gaming, using a modern video card, can an old high-end CPU be a better option than a new entry-level one? Let’s find out!

A former Soviet statue has been replaced with Darth Vader. With free WiFi eminating from its head, obviously. Milov transformed the Soviet-era statue after new legislation (the “decommunisation” laws) came into force in Ukraine, which demands all remnants and symbols of the country’s communist past be taken down. Fittingly, the statue will radiate a force (the head contains a Wi-Fi hotspot) and Milov hopes that the monument will attract Star Wars fans from around the world.

WaitButWhy have a couple of really interesting articles about the state (and future) of Artificial Intelligence. Here's part one and part two. Artificial Superintelligence ranges from a computer that’s just a little smarter than a human to one that’s trillions of times smarter—across the board. ASI is the reason the topic of AI is such a spicy meatball and why the words immortality and extinction will both appear in these posts multiple times.

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