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Friday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-December-2015  05:18:00 (GMT +10) - by booj

Officials believe the Chinese government is responsible for a recent attack on the computers at the Bureau of Meteorology, which has compromised sensitive systems across the Federal Government. But the ABC has been told this is a "massive" breach and one official said there was little doubt where it came from. "It's China," he said. But, China has denied any involvement in the attack.

A Harvard boffin thinks he can reverse aging. Church thinks that one of the ailments he can cure is aging. When I met him early this year, in his laboratory at Harvard Medical School, where he is professor of genetics, he expressed confidence that in just five or six years he will be able to reverse the aging process in human beings.

Airbus have patented a design for a modular cabin aircraft Airbus is exploring the potential of creating a new breed of versatile, modular aircraft that would see detachable passenger cabins slot into a hole in an aeroplane's fuselage. The concept has the potential to revolutionize air travel, while providing significant savings for airlines by reducing the time that planes spend idle on the ground.

As of Sunday, the US National Security Agency ceased its mass phone record surveillance program; The program was exposed by Edward Snowden. Under the Freedom Act, the NSA and law enforcement agencies can no longer collect telephone calling records in bulk in an effort to sniff out suspicious activity. Such records, known as "metadata," reveal which numbers Americans are calling and what time they place those calls, but not the content of the conversations.

It appears as though million of modems around the world have vulnerabilities that could turn them into a massive botnet. If an attacker is motivated enough, they could easily use only the vulnerabilities of these devices and create a world-spanning botnet capable of launching powerful DDoS attacks, or just push various types of malware to all of the modem's end users.

Techspot have an article on what they think are the best storage devices available. We’ve gone through dozens of expert reviews, performed our own tests, and gathered long-term user opinions to bring you the best storage devices available right now divided into six categories: Best performance SSD, best budget SSD, best hard drive, best external hard drive, best home/SMB NAS, and a selection of the best thumb drive storage alternatives.

Here's a lovely pic of the Earth and Moon recently taken by the Japanese Hayabusa2 spacecraft.

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