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Thursday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 17-December-2015  15:22:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's something cool about seeing a movie in which, every time a new character appears, the whole cinema cheers. :)

On a related note, the Dallas Buyers Club case against iiNet and alleged downloaders has taken a beating in the courts. The Federal Court today threw out an attempt by the makers of Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club to not only seek the private details of almost 5000 Aussies it believes illegally shared copies of the film online, but to slap them with extra fines. It appears that Dallas Buyers Club had overreached with their claims in court, with the Justice Nye Perram calling its contentions “wholly unrealistic”.

Samsung have responded to their good results in Tech Report's SSD Endurance Test, by creating some cheesy videos crowing their triumph. We weren't seeking to crown a winner as part of our experiment, but Samsung's 840 Pro 256GB drive was the one that took us all the way to that 2.4PB-written milestone. Samsung just so happens to be one of the largest makers of SSDs around, and the company got in touch with us recently to tell us they were just as amused by our riff on I Will Survive as (we hope) many other readers were.

Some Silicon Valley investors have joined together to create an artificial intelligence research centre. Its long-range goal will be to create an “artificial general intelligence,” a machine capable of performing any intellectual task that a human being can, according to Mr. Musk. He also stressed that the focus was on building technologies that augment rather than replace humans. What could possibly go wrong?

LinusTechTips have a guide to making a cheap powerful PC from old server bits. However, building with old server components isn’t a cakewalk. Finding compatible parts is a bit of a hassle, and you may have to do a bit of DIY modding to make everything work together properly. Linus, for example, had to saw off a piece of his graphics card to make it fit, and use a piece of wood as a CPU cooler backplate. Still, the final product is impressive for the price.

If you find GPS coordinates too hard to memorise, Owen pointed out this what3words method for communicating location. The world is poorly addressed. This is frustrating and costly in developed nations; and in developing nations this is life-threatening and growth limiting. what3words is a unique combination of just 3 words that identifies a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet. It’s far more accurate than a postal address and it’s much easier to remember, use and share than a set of coordinates.

AMD have a new open-source gaming initiative. As part of the AMD’s recent RTG (Radeon Technologies Group) Summit in Sonoma, the company released information about a new initiative to help drive development and evolution in the world of gaming called GPUOpen. As the name implies, the idea is to use an open source mentality to drivers, libraries, SDKs and more to improve the relationship between AMD’s hardware and the gaming development ecosystem. More coverage on TechARP and HotHardware.

Cadal sent some good news for OneDrive users: For users of Microsoft's Onedrive it is opt in to keep your free storage after January 2016! Click below and your account will not be affected when the amount of free storage changes from 15 GB to 5 GB and the +15 GB camera roll bonus is discontinued.

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