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Tuesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 22-December-2015  16:24:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

SpaceX have successfully launched a payload into orbit and then had the sub-orbital rocket component successfully land, for the first time ever. Right now, all rockets that travel into orbit are either destroyed or lost after taking off. It's something that drives up the cost of spaceflight; an entirely new rocket must be built for each launch. But if SpaceX can routinely reuse its rockets, the company saves the cost of manufacturing new vehicles for follow-up missions. That could make spaceflight a lot more affordable. The obvious comparison to make is to Jeff Bezos' earlier mission, which he was quick to point out.

Also good news for space geeks is NASA's increased budget for next year. NASA’s latest budget has just been put forward by Congress – and they have allocated the agency $750 million more than they requested. This means the agency’s full budget for 2016 is $19.3 billion, which incredibly – in an age of cutting costs – is almost $1.3 billion more than last year.

Outlook users should beware nasty emails, although it was patched on December 8th, thanks mpot. When a user opens an Outlook email or previews the email in one of the Outlook panels, the OLE mechanism will automatically read the embedded Flash object and try to execute it, to provide a preview. Since most Flash exploits only need to be executed to work, and because there's a flaw in the Outlook security sandboxing system, an attacker can easily embed malicious Flash objects inside emails and have other malicious code executed via older (Flash) vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile users of Juniper firewalls need to update also, thanks AirQ. Juniper, a major manufacturer of networking equipment, said on Thursday it found spying code planted in certain models of its firewalls, an alarming discovery that echoes of state-sponsored tampering.

Tweaktown have a Skylake overclocking guide. We're happy to present you with TweakTown's ultimate Intel Skylake overclocking guide which not only covers the CPU, but also motherboards, RAM, and more.

ThinkComputers have a watercooling 101 guide. Well we’ve designed our loop, spent hours searching the web comparing parts and twiddling our thumbs nervously before clicking the submit order button. And why shouldn’t you be nervous? You just added enough gear to your cart to buy a crappy car!

A new web error code has been proposed, to indicate when censorship has occurred. Tim Bray, a co-author of the XML specification, wants web developers to adopt error code 451 (a nod to Fahrenheit 451) to let websites warn you that you can't access a site or a piece of content for legal reasons. The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has approved the initial suggestion, allowing developers to start implementing it ahead of "a few more process bits," according to Mark Nottingham, chairman of the IETF HTTP Working Group.

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