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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-August-2016  22:47:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Tonight is census night, but if you're having trouble accessing the website, you're not the only one. The website hosting the first online version of the Australian census has gone down as thousands of people around the country attempted to complete the survey. The Federal Government says work is underway to fix a major outage affecting the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website this evening. However, there are other concerns with the census, largely around privacy. The EFA have expressed their concerns as well. Discussion continues here.

Meanwhile a few days ago marked 25 years since the first website came online. In this day 25 years ago the world's first website went live to the public. The site, created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, was a basic text page with hyperlinked words that connected to other pages. Berners-Lee used the public launch to outline his plan for the service, which would come to dominate life in the twenty-first century. On a related note, OCAU turned 17 last month. Wow!

TechSpot look at building a 40-thread Xeon monster PC on the cheap. Following up to our popular 32-thread Xeon PC feature, we've been in the hunt for affordable Xeon processors based on more modern architectures. Our search put us on the trail of Intel's Xeon E5 2630 v4, a 10-core Broadwell-EP part (40 threads for 2 CPUs) that can be found for less - with a catch - so we put together a system to show off what's on offer here.

TechARP look at what to expect from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We were recently invited to an exclusive tech briefing on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, where Andres Sirel, Windows & Devices Group Lead, demonstrated new features like Windows Ink, as well as improvements in Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge, Windows Notes.

Babeltech compare the Titan X vs GTX 1080. This evaluation is the second part of our ongoing Pascal TITAN X series. We have expanded our original article from Wednesday to include all 25 games of our benchmark suite, and we have added a new 34401440 WQHD resolution to our standard 38402160 and 25601440 benching resolutions. We have dropped 19201080 as it is meaningless for such powerful cards as the GTX 1080 and the TITAN X because 1080P is hopelessly bottlenecked by even a Core i7 6700K at 4.4GHz.~

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