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Monday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 15-August-2016  10:35:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The head of the ABS is standing by his department in the wake of the Census issues. "My view is that leaders stand up when there are issues," ABS chief statistician David Kalisch told the ABC. "They respond and they fix the issues, and there will be a time for the facts to come out and for accountabilities to be made." Mr Kalisch said he was aware the ABS had suffered significant harm to its reputation. There's more on the political back-story of the Census in this article. Discussion continues in this thread.

Meanwhile OCAU member Daemon has posted his early analysis of the Census failure. Initial analysis suggests that some of the infrastructure design for the Census data was quite positively woeful. There were only 11 servers to handle all of the Census processing. What’s more, the fact that the certificate has hard coded entries means that there’s no ability to spin up additional servers to process more traffic.

Anandtech report on some new enterprise SSDs from Seagate. With the Nytro XP7200 moving toward production, Seagate has brought out another SSD tech demo with eye-catching specifications. The unnamed SAS SSD packs 60TB of 3D TLC into a 3.5" drive. In order to connect over a thousand dies of Micron's 3D TLC NAND to a single SSD controller, Seagate has introduced ONFi bridge chips to multiplex the controller's NAND channels across far more dies than would otherwise be possible. The rest of the specs for the 60TB SSD look fairly mundane and make for a drive that's better suited to read-intensive workloads, but the capacity puts even the latest hard drives to shame.

Guru3D have a guide to overclocking Titan X from NVIDIA. Overclocking never comes without risk, but it sure as heck is interesting to see how far you can take a card. As such today an article dedicated on overclocking the Nvidia Titan X. You will notice that if you go for long lifespan that overclocking the old fashioned way will not disappoint. A good 1800~1850 MHz on the GPU (reference air cooler) is certainly something you can achieve reasonably easy. However with Nvidia's updated Dynamic Clock Adjustment technology (GPU Boost 3.0) things have changed a bit. Regardless of that you'll be able to tweak a lot more performance out of this complex 12 Billion transistor GPU, more than you think. Babeltech have been overclocking Titan X as well.

The first IBM PC was released 35 years ago this month, back in August 1981. "This is the computer for just about everyone who has ever wanted a personal system at the office, on the university campus or at home," said C. B. Rogers, then-IBM vice president, at the 5150's launch. "We believe its performance, reliability and ease of use make it the most advanced, affordable personal computer in the marketplace." Within two years of its release tens of thousands of homes and businesses were fitted with an IBM PC and rival companies such as Dell and HP started to developing the machines that would become the computers of today.

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