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Thursday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 13-October-2016  01:26:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Gartner reckon the PC industry is in its longest decline, two years and counting. PC makers are feeling the pressure. HP, Dell, and Asus each had low single-digit growth, but Acer, Apple, and Lenovo all experienced declines, with Apple and Lenovo each suffering double-digit drops. Meanwhile, the rest of the PC market, which collectively ships more units per quarter than any of the big-name brands, is down more than 16 percent.

Meanwhile in Australia, land-line use is also declining, to nobody's surprise. Also revealed by the Galaxy Research commissioned by comparison website iSelect, is that more than half of millennials — 52% — say they never use a landline or have one connected and, as iSelect observes, “this data suggests Australians are favouring mobile phones or Internet-based communication such as email or social media to contact each other”.

The BoM were apparently hacked by foreign spies. The 2016 Australian Cyber Security Centre Threat report, to be released today, provides new details on last year's attack on the bureau, which also breached sensitive systems across the Federal Government.

Microsoft will be enforcing more consistent patching, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Starting this month, home and business Windows users will no longer be able to pick and choose which updates to install and which to leave for another time. For example, I’ve often advised home users to hold off on installing .NET updates until all other patches for the month are applied — reasoning that .NET updates are very large and in my experience have frequently been found to be the source of problems when applying huge numbers of patches simultaneously.

Your future wearable computer may be made by silkworms, thanks Adam. It doesn’t sound like the ideal meal, but silkworms are loving the taste of carbon nanotubes and graphene and the resulting silk could bring enormous benefits to science and wearables.

Here's a bizarre example of unnecessary technology: an English guy spending 11 hours trying to make a cup of tea with his internet-enabled kettle. Three hours later the kettle was still having problems. The main issue seemed to be that the base station was not able to communicate with the kettle itself.

Also tricky: doing the eyes for video game characters. Jimmy Butler has the ripe figure of a greek god and the dead, lost eyes of a zombie—as does every other player, announcer, and personality in NBA2K17, as well as just about every other video game on the market today.

Aftahours spotted this article which gives a nice summary of the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 drama, from the first fire reports to the eventual abandonment of the product. A Samsung spokeswoman referred to an earlier statement from the company: “For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 and have consequently decided to stop production.”

Finally some positive news, from Chris - a Japanese spacecraft has some awesome HD photos of the Moon. Beginning in October, 2007, Japan's Kaguya spacecraft spent the better part of two years in a polar orbit around the Moon, including passes from as close as 100km. As part of its payload, the spacecraft carried two 2.2 megapixel CCD HDTV color cameras, one a telephoto and one a wide-angle. These cameras returned the first high-definition video of the Moon back to Earth.

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