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Wednesday Morning, Early (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-December-2002  00:33:25 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Light news today as I'm not feeling very well. I can hear the violins from here. :)

Forum member mnemtsas has written a DVD database program and would like to get some feedback from those who care to give it a try. More info in this thread.

Now this looks like fun! Toy tanks that use IR cannons to battle each other. Thanks Adam.

aftahours found this site dedicated to Australia's first "automatic" computer. Boy, how things have changed.

Those with or about to get ADSL might be interested to know that Internode have released some new pricing plans. Thanks Guardian452.

Vindaloo notes that WALAN have some new membership prices. Although he's not very happy with them. Find out for yourself.

I've seen this one before but it's well worth a look. It's a digital clock, well, sort of. Thanks to Squeezer for the link.

goofdave and a few others have let me know that VIA have released some new 4in1's, but this time with a new name. Hyperion 4 in 1v4.45.

Also on the subject of VIA, the C3 CPU has been released as a 1Ghz model. Thanks to sniper for that one.

This just in from envynews.com. "In our seven trillionth USB Keychain review, we look at Transcendís offering. Well, what are you waiting for? Go read your four billionth USB keychain review of the month". Wow, they have been busy.

Ars Technica have taken a look at the IMAK Smart Glove. I want one of these.

Linux users should read this. "Programmers have found a bug in newer versions of the Linux operating system that, under unusual circumstances, could cause systems to drop data".

Digit-Life have a roundup of Professional 3D Accelerators. Some nice cards there.

OCAddiction takes a closer look at the newly introduced AGP 8X specification. Full article here.

A couple of flash games for you to idle away the hours. The Trials game from RessurectoR and Juno Nemesis from Squigy_Poodle.

1/4" thick Aluminium case by Chilli on Techware Labs
Innovatek Water Cooling Kit at Nexus Hardware
AeroCool X-Factor CPU Cooler at Overclockers Club Canada
King 450Watt Triple fan PSU on Overclockers Club
CoolerMaster Copper & Aluminium RAM Chip Cooler at 8BallsHardware
EPoX 8K9A2+ AMD system motherboard at A1 Electronics
Chenming (ATX-901A) Fileserver Case at neoseeker.com
Asus 40x12x48 USB 2.0 CDRW on Sudhian

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