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Friday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 9-December-2016  14:59:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Samsung vs Apple battle continues on, with the latest ruling being the throwing out of $400M in damages. A unanimous Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out the almost $400 million in damages Samsung was ordered to pay Apple in a long-standing dispute over the patents of elements of smartphones. The justices ruled that Samsung does not have to pay Apple patent damages based on the profits for the entire device, only the components at issue, and reversed and remanded the case back down to a lower court.

The new Bluetooth spec has been officially ratified. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group officially ratified its version 5, which includes a modular set of optional extensions for throughput, range, and other features. Chip makers, including Cypress and Nordic, are already sampling parts supporting the specs that do not include mesh networking, a piece delayed until mid-2017.

The Pebble smartwatch brand seems to be dead, leaving customers in the lurch. “One-to-one Pebble support is no longer available” and “any Pebble currently out in the wild is no longer covered by or eligible for warranty exchange.” This means, no matter when you purchased or received your Pebble device, you are on your own—and if your device dies, you’re simply out a device. Any warranty you might have been promised from Pebble directly is void.

Windows 10 will apparently overtake Windows 7 within a year. It's interesting that it didn't overtake it during the time that, you know, Windows 10 was free. Extrapolating those adoption lines, we can see that Windows 10 is on track to overtake Windows 7. While the December 2017 date shown in the graph might be a bit optimistic, there's no doubt that a year or so from now, the dominant desktop OS will be Windows 10, not Windows 7.

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