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Wednesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 21-December-2016  15:04:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

PlayerAttack have posted their thoughts on the Aussie Pirate Bay ban and some possible collateral damage. So the only real solution is to block a website by its IP address, and this is where everything falls apart. Today, as I mentioned, ThePirateBay uses a third party CDN, and has an IP address that is assigned to Cloudflare. Cloudflare, like most CDNs, shares its IP addresses among customers, so banning the IP for ThePirateBay may also impact some of Cloudflare’s other users – and these aren’t trivial. These are customers like Cisco, one of the world’s largest IT hardware providers, and the NASDAQ stock exchange. 46% of all internet traffic is web traffic and a large amount of that web traffic comes from CDNs.

Meanwhile, CIO wonder if site blocking will stop pirates in Australia. I haven't read the article, but spoiler: no. Moreover, the researchers suggest that the continuing difficulty Australians meet when trying to access the latest films and television programmes through legal channels is likely to see illegal streaming rates remain relatively high in Australia. “But without legitimate means of access, consumers feel they have no choice but to download the content illegally,” they said.

A few people sent word that NBN Co have changed how they inform people about NBN availability - now giving less info. NBN Co has abandoned the three-year construction plan it pledged to update every quarter in favour of an address checker web function which removes mention of the type of fixed-line technology end users will receive.

Telstra meanwhile have a secret testing lab. Launched in the early 1980s, the lab began testing mobile devices in 1993 when Telstra launched Australia’s first digital mobile network, 2G, and it hasn’t looked back. In 2015, tests on more than 60 new mobile devices and at least 200 software updates were conducted. This is serious business. And mistakes are costly. Mistakes including a massive outage that wreaked havoc on 8 million consumers in March this year.

eTeknix report on a year with NVMe RAID 0 in a real-world setup. There are a lot of misconception and some right information out there when it comes to the combination of solid state drives with RAID setups and what better way is there to get to the root of them than to create a real world test setup and find out. I have been running this setup for a year now and it is time to take a closer look at how well the two drives in my setup have performed.

TechSpot are getting retro with their best 3Dfx Glide games. Having a specialized 3d API was arguably both the highlight and the downfall for pioneer 3Dfx. The Glide API combined with Voodoo hardware truly enhanced the gaming experience. If you are old enough, odds are you owned a 3Dfx card and played some of these games. Let us take you a trip down memory lane and remember some of the best.

Also from the "Memory Lane" department (courtesy of BlueRaven) is this 1984 DAK Electronics catalogue. The catalogue features an awesome collection of very Retro gear with an hilariously enthusiastic write-up for each one. Hifi, computer equipment, telephony and general gadgetry all included.

Today's timewaster is Radio Garden from BurningFeetMan. Tune in to radio stations nearby or across the world! Very cool.

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