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Friday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-January-2017  13:52:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

CES is underway in Las Vegas, and as usual there are lots of new product announcements. One of the big ones is AMD's Radeon Vega GPU architecture. But, to quote PC Perspective: Letís be clear: today does not mark the release of the Vega GPU or products based on Vega. In reality, we donít even know enough to make highly educated guesses about the performance without more details on the specific implementations. That being said, the information released by AMD today is interesting and shows that Vega will be much more than simply an increase in shader count over Polaris. More coverage on Tweaktown, Guru3D, Tech ARP, Tech Report, HotHardware and TechPowerUp. Discussion here.

Also from AMD, more info on their Ryzen CPU platform and the AM4 socket. From PC World: Both Ryzen and all of AMDís other new APUs fit into the same motherboard socket, AM4. (Hallelujah!) But those AM4 motherboards wonít all use the same chipset: A more affordable APU system might pair with a motherboard that has modest features, whereas a Ryzen-based PC is likely to require more robust technologies. To that end, AMDís releasing the X300 and X370 desktop chipsets for Ryzen systems. Tech Report have more info on the new offerings and looked in detail at Gigabyte's AM4 boards.

This is turning into an AMD-heavy post, but there's also new info about FreeSync 2, their new display technology standard. From Tech Report's coverage: To meet those high standards for ease of use, dynamic range, color reproduction, and input lag, AMD says FreeSync 2 monitors will have to support HDR and wide color gamuts by default, and they'll have to undergo a strict certification process. FreeSync 2 displays will also be required to have Low Framerate Compensation capability. Because of those stricter implementation requirements, FreeSync 2 won't replace the original FreeSync. More from Tweaktown, PC Perspective, TechARP and HotHardware.

Not to ignore Intel - they have a cool credit-card sized compute platform. The Intel Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimize for their particular solutions Ė from interactive refrigerators and smart kiosks to security cameras and IoT gateways. Device makers simply design a standard Intel Compute Card slot into their device and then utilize the best Intel Compute Card for their performance and price needs.

Razer meanwhile have a laptop with 3 screens. Each screen measures 17.3 inches with 4K resolution -- that's 12k total (11520 x 2160) viewing space. They slide out from the central lid chassis under their own power and autonomously position themselves to create a full 180-degree viewing area, powered by NVIDIA's Surround View technology, which enables programs to spread a single image across multiple monitors. All of the computer's wiring is internal so you won't have to worry about snagging power cords as the screens deploy.

Tweaktown look at using a NAS for surveillance. For as long as I have been reviewing NAS products, one thing I never really fooled around with was "Surveillance Station." Nearly every vendor has their version of it, included either as an app, sometimes preinstalled, and others just set it up as a recommended package. About a month ago, Synology contacted me and let me know they had put together a package they call their surveillance bundle; this includes cameras from Amcrest, IronWolf drives from Seagate, and a mid-range NAS solution, the DS416j.

French workers have won the right to disconnect - and ignore work emails outside work hours. On 1 January, an employment law will enter into force that obliges organisations with more than 50 workers to start negotiations to define the rights of employees to ignore their smartphones. Overuse of digital devices has been blamed for everything from burnout to sleeplessness as well as relationship problems, with many employees uncertain of when they can switch off.

But while you are at work, standing desks seem to be a popular choice - TechSpot have a starter guide, to get you up and, err, standing. It can be easy to talk yourself out of standing at a computer desk. Besides parting with your favorite chair, the price of most adjustable models can discourage many. Read on for a practical outlook on what you can expect from your first standing desk, whether you're building something yourself or having one shipped to your door.

Meanwhile, Australia continues to slide down the rankings in broadband speed. According to consumer site Finder.com.au, Australia fell four places year-on-year during the third quarter of 2016 in Akamaiís quarterly broadband rankings. This now places the nation behind Kenya, Romania and Thailand.

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