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Friday Arvo- YaY (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-December-2002  14:39:04 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

BiT-Team have checked out four Socket A motherboards. They are the Chaintech Apogee 7VJL, Albatron KX400+, Albatron KX400-8X and the Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra (Platinum).

Stanza noticed this one. "The state-owned Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) announced the establishment of a broadband wireless Wi-Fi link over a distance of 310 kilometres. The link was made between a stratospheric weather balloon and a base station on the ground in Esrange, Sweden using wireless equipment from Alvarion".

Justin points out that the V8 Case mod we linked to a few days ago does have an English site. The case owners site in fact.

If you are planning on going to Overkill LAN in Melbourne tomorrow but cant get confirmation on your booking, then read up. The Watcher, from Overkill tells us that they are having big problems with the Ausgamers Rego site, so you will need to email you rego directly to him at watcher@overkill-lan.com.au. Don't miss out!

Tobitech have done a short review on the new MAGNUM graphic cards water block. It looks to be a simple but effective design and the results they achieved were quite good.

Ars Technica have an article about Melbourne's CSIRAC. This was the world's fourth computer ever built and it is still running today after 53 years, well not really. arasta tells me it was switched off in 1964. I guess the warranty would have run out anyway. Thanks LongHairedGit.

Since LCDs are all the rage this week, here is another review. This time Blagged-hardware look at a Maplins Serial 16x2 LCD display.

Another mod gadget for you. A Vantec Nexus NXP101 MultiFunction Controller. I gotta get me one of these, not that I need one but they look good. Article on Frostytech.

If you are looking for headphones, Cameron provided us with a link to this site. A lot of good info and links to other headphone related sites.

How good are you at predicting the future? No, neither am I. These people probably have a more methodical way of doing it than I, and they say "A major cyber-terrorism event will occur in 2003, a technology research group predicted on Thursday, one that will disrupt the economy and bring the Internet to its knees for at least a day or two".

It looks like JEDEC will finally support DDR400, PC3200 memory specifications. A lot of people including many memory and motherboard manufacturers have been waiting for this. Read more here.

SuperFlower SF402 Case at Madshrimps
Promise SX400 raid card on Red&Blackness Mods
Chaintech Zenith 7NJS Motherboard at TweakTown
Antec Plusview1000AMG SOHO File Server at MonkeyReview
Acer AL922 LCD Monitor at Digit-Life

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