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Monday Night (16 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-May-2017  22:57:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Government is pushing to introduce legislation for a broadband tax. Users of “superfast” fixed-line services will pay the tax, which starts at $7.10 a month. The tax will be charged to retail service providers, who the government has admitted will pass on the cost to customers. About 95 percent of those taxed will be NBN fixed-line customers, while the remainder will come from operators such as TPG, which has been deploying fibre-to-the-basement services in metro areas. Honestly, it's hard to know where to begin with this one.

Intel have released a software tool to check if your system is affected by the recent security issue. Given it's mostly workstations and servers, your desktop PC is probably fine. This vulnerability does not exist on Intel-based consumer PCs with consumer firmware, Intel servers utilizing Intel® Server Platform Services (Intel® SPS), or Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 and Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 workstations utilizing Intel® SPS firmware.

Meanwhile, they have apparently recommended not overclocking as a solution to high CPU temps - on an unlocked CPU! The TL;DR version is that everything checks out on Intel's end and users should not overclocked their Core i7-7700K processors, which have unlocked multipliers specifically for overclocking. As you might imagine, Intel's response did not sit well with users.

If you find Siri a little stand-offish, consider a virtual girlfriend instead. Takechi is the creator of Hikari Azuma, a miniskirt-wearing avatar. She can hold a basic conversation and wake you up in the morning by turning on the lights. Hikari will message you at work and greet you when you return home. She'll also set you back about $2,700.

PCGamer have an interesting article about what we'd do if we didn't have Steam. I can’t predict the details of exactly how Steam or any other PC gaming service will change, but I can safely say that they will change. With that in mind, the question becomes: What do we want that change to be? What general possibilities can we imagine, and will they make our experience better or worse?

TechPowerUp have a Prey performance analysis. We test Prey on 14 graphics cards at 1080p, 1440p and 4K using highest settings and also take a look at VRAM usage, which is surprisingly modest. The article also describes how to adjust the field of view (which can't be changed in-game), how to remove the hidden FPS cap and how to skip the intro.

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