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Tuesday Afternoon (2 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 13-June-2017  15:20:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hope you had a great long weekend - back to reality now. :)

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X at E3, with coverage here on Techgage and here on GamingNexus. In short, this is the most powerful console ever. It is one-trillion Tera something with 4G megadrive cooling/heating massive power. Hypertech super...time. Look, I'm not gonna lie, my eyes glazed over at this point. Don't get me wrong, Forza 7 looks incredible, and it's hard to imagine Anthem working on anything except a machine that can suck me into a world that vivid, open, and realized (more on that later). I'm glad this console is happening, but liquid cooling means nothing to me if the games aren't good. But the games do look really, really good. Apparently you can link all four generations of Xbox together now too, which is pretty cool.

More importantly, TechSpot looked at upcoming PC game trailers from E3. As this year's E3 unfolds, so do new trailers for upcoming games. Expect regular updates to this article over the coming week as more are released. Most of the trailers belong to titles due later in 2017 or 2018, while a few have launched in the last week or so -- all of them are on PC.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies continue to generate headlines, while mining and investing in them are popular topics in our forums. Tweaktown have Part 1 of a mining guide posted, while Phoronix compare 15 GPUs for mining under Linux and LegitReviews consider AMD vs NVIDIA for mining too. We test over a dozen graphics card to see which has the best hashrate and talk about some of the other things you need to consider like price and power consumption.

Intel might not be too happy about ARM X86 emulation, report HotHardware. However, it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t just some high-tech birthday commemoration — Intel shifts into serious mama bear mode, with significant legal posturing, touting its willingness to protect its “x86 innovations” and use its legal might to stop any entity that might infringe upon its four-decade-old x86 ISA intellectual property.

TechSpot look back at The Steam Machine - and what went wrong. “If I buy a game on Steam and I’m running it on Windows, I can go to one of the Steam machines and already have the game. So you benefit as a developer, you benefit as a consumer in having the PC experience extended in the living room.” But today, Steam Machines feel like an embarrassing late night text Valve sent when it was drunk and now refuses to acknowledge. Which begs the question: what went wrong?

It seems there's a fortune to be made on the App Store - even if you're a scammer, thanks mpot. It suddenly made a lot of sense how this app generates $80,000 a month. At $400/month per subscriber, it only needs to scam 200 people to make $80,000/month, or $960,000 a year. Of that amount, Apple takes 30%, or $288,000 - from just this one app.

Some Computex stragglers: Gigabyte's latest, ADATA M.2 SSDs and Corsair from Tech Report. ASUS ROG and nVIDIA Max-Q on TechARP. Funkykit have Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 coverage, while there's more from Gigabyte on Tweaktown.

Finally, retro gaming hipsters can soon enjoy a vinyl release of the original Quake soundtrack. As part of a larger wave of back catalog releases, Reznor is making the Quake soundtrack available on vinyl -- you too can listen to that memorable theme in your living room.

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