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KRACK WiFi Vulnerability (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 17-October-2017  14:00:17 (GMT +10) - by Agg

So, this "KRACK" WiFi exploit mentioned in the last news post is quite a big deal. In short, you probably want to avoid public WiFi for a while, and make sure your own WiFi router, and any other devices you use WiFi on, are patched.

KrebsOnSecurity have a good What You Should Know article. Researchers this week published information about a newfound, serious weakness in WPA2 — the security standard that protects all modern Wi-Fi networks. What follows is a short rundown on what exactly is at stake here, who’s most at-risk from this vulnerability, and what organizations and individuals can do about it.

TechCrunch have a guide to what you can do to protect yourself. Good news! Your devices can be updated to prevent the KRACK vulnerability. Updated devices and non-updated devices can co-exist on the same network as the fix is backward compatible. So you should update all your routers and Wi-Fi devices (laptops, phones, tablets…) with the latest security patches. You can also consider turning on auto-updates for future vulnerabilities as this won’t be the last one. Modern operating systems have become quite good at auto-updates. Some devices (ahem Android) don’t receive a lot of updates and could continue to pose risks.

There's a list of affected vendors and patch statuses on CERT. Discussion continues in this thread.

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