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Friday Afternoon (2 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 3-November-2017  14:55:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A robot has become a citizen of a country for the first time, in Saudi Arabia. People were quick to point out that this robot now seems to have more rights than women or immigrant workers there. Meet Sophia, a robot who made her first public appearance in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh on Monday. Sophia was such a hit she was immediately given Saudi citizenship in front of hundreds of delegates at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on 25 October. But as pictures and videos of Sophia began circulating on social media many started to ask why a robot already seemed to have secured more rights than women in the country.

Meanwhile people are concerned that Apple's automatic photo sorting seems to be a fan of boobs. In 2016, Apple updated its Photos app to recognise more than 4,000 objects, scenes and facial expressions using image recognition. But one Twitter user this week discovered her iPhone had a "hidden folder" labelled "brassiere".

Here's something I never really thought about before: printing in space. Not 3D printing.. good old-fashioned paper printing. Ever since the International Space Station (ISS) welcomed its first residents in November of 2000, there have been printers on board. Astronauts use them to print out critical mission information, emergency evacuation procedures and, sometimes, photos from home. According to NASA, they print roughly 1,000 pages a month on two printers; one is installed on the U.S. side of the ISS, the other in the Russian segment. ISS residents do all this on 20-year-old technology.

I never do anything useful with OCAU's Amazon affiliate account, but I just spotted this new Retro Zone they've opened up. Explore awesome retro video games, cool action figures, hip clothing and more. So if retro's your thing, check it out. Discussion here.

Of all the stunts to pull on your last day of work, deleting Trump's twitter account has to rank up among the greatest. Later Thursday evening, Twitter posted a message from its Government and Elections team saying that the president’s account had been deleted “due to human error by a Twitter employee.” The tweet said @realDonaldTrump was down for 11 minutes before being restored. Twitter later said that the error was made by a customer support employee on their last day of work, and that a “full internal review” is under way.

I've mentioned this one previously, but it seems to be back in the spotlight again - a very addictive paperclip game. Note if you play through the first section and think it's finished.. it isn't. Not by a looooong way. :) There's a discussion thread here for it, and more info here, thanks Matt.

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