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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 19-December-2002  22:53:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Let's see if I can remember how to do this..

From the PCDB: Groomy has put some effort into his paintjob, while Ratava has a serious blue glow happening and a custom fanbus. Things have been a little slow in there for a few days, so if you've been thinking about adding your PC, get to it!

A few things from Sniper: Wireless broadband on the way to Oz and Nero v5.5.10.0 has been released - popular CD-burning software. Meanwhile, Skylarov's ex-company has been aquitted of charges in the latest chapter of their "hacking" case.

From Peter: Leafing through my copy of APC and I notice that there's either another James Rolfe in the world or our Agg has written an article on PC cooling for the Jan issue of APC. Check it out on pages 154, 155... In a later email he admits: Should have looked @ the piccies more carefully... the OCAU case badge kinda gives it away... Yup, I wrote a pretty basic cooling article for them. Fairly introductory stuff and therefore not exactly aimed at OCAU's level, but if you just can't get enough.. :) Always nice to see my name in print, will have to pick up a copy tomorrow.

Dan's been playing with some case lights from Lumileds.

If you're having trouble with your 8RDA+ (NForce2 motherboard) and GeForce4, drop Betty a note.. she's collecting info about a suspected issue.

From Wild: Interesting piece of info on Slashdot about a wristwatch that encrypts your laptop's data if you move out of range to protect it from theft. It's being developed by IBM, and runs a cut down version of Linux. And a space probe which NASA hasn't heard from since March that was launched 30 years ago and is now two times the distance between the sun and Pluto away from us has just showed signs of life.

Blagged-Hardware want to tell you about storage technology.

Bigian spotted this funny article on BBSpot about Santa considering switching to Linux. If some naughty kid was able to break into my systems and change his status to nice then the whole integrity of the Claus empire would be called into question.

From Rage: The US Bureau of the Cencus has world poulation figures here. And the ABS has predictions for Australia here. Actually, it was funny when talking to one of the guys at Asetek about the VapoChill review. I mentioned that Australia is a comparatively small market, with only about 20M people here. Turns out Denmark, where Asetek are based, has only 3M people. :)

From Iroquois: It appears that Winamp 2.81 and 3.0 have "critical" security problems. Fixed versions are available for download ....and a new Windows XP security flaw found, rated as critical also.

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