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Monday Evening (23 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 5-February-2018  18:24:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Got a letter in the post today saying the NBN will be connected in the next few months.. woo! Hopefully it'll, you know, not suck.

The winner for the Pay It Forward contest has been announced - and now there's another one where you can win an SSD.

The Australian of the Year for 2018 is Professor Michelle Simmons, a pioneer in quantum computing research. In 2012, Michelle and her team created the world’s first transistor made from a single atom, along with the world’s thinnest wire. At the forefront of what she calls the “space race of the computing era”, Michelle aims to build a quantum computer able to solve problems in minutes that would otherwise take thousands of years.

Intel have announced a new CTO, and a new "Product Assurance & Security Group". In addition to naming the new CTO, Intel confirmed formation of the Product Assurance & Security Group. The PASG will be led by Leslie Culbertson, who has been with Intel since 1979 and most recently she served as senior vice president and director of human resources. The main task of the PASG will be Intel’s “cross-company efforts to continuously improve product security,” but Intel did not elaborate any further.

Tesla and the South Australian Government are planning to create a giant distributed power plant by installing 50,000 residential solar and battery systems. Tesla said in a statement to AFP that the virtual power plant would have 250 megawatts of solar energy and 650 megawatt hours of battery storage. "At key moments, the virtual power plant could provide as much capacity as a large gas turbine or coal power plant," the company added. Australia is one of the world's largest producers of coal and gas but the South Australian blackout raised questions about its energy security.

TechSpot have a CPU comparison using the benchmark from the upcoming game Final Fantasy 15. The reason we want to look at CPU performance first is because the game is extremely CPU intensive, far more so than we were expecting. Developer Square Enix recommends gamers pack at least a Core i7-3770 or FX-8350, that’s significantly more firepower from Intel, but we’ll look into that shortly.

eBay is dropping PayPal as its primary payment partner. That's a lot of Ps. Meanwhile, one of the bright sparks in US markets overnight was eBay, which saw its share price surge 13.8 per cent. This was after the e-commerce giant announced strong quarterly results, and its upcoming split from long-term partner PayPal. eBay will instead use little-known Dutch payments company Adyen as its main payments partner. Adyen is an online payments startup which provides back end payment services like point-of-sales (POS) systems and credit card processing. It also boasts a huge clientele including the likes of Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Groupon and LinkedIn.

The Federal Government has finally responded to the 2016 inquiry into the video games industry, and people are not impressed. Out of the 8 recommendations made by the Senate, the Government "noted" 5 of them, "did not support" 2 of them, and while it "did support" 1 of them (on encouraging the uptake of serious games), it believed the industry should pursue this and NOT the government. So, all-in-all, there was not one single recommendation that the Government actually supported.

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