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Thursday Midday (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 8-February-2018  12:14:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Intel has some new smart glasses that don't look weird like Google Glass did. There is no camera to creep people out, no button to push, no gesture area to swipe, no glowing LCD screen, no weird arm floating in front of the lens, no speaker, and no microphone (for now). From the outside, the Vaunt glasses look just like eyeglasses. When youíre wearing them, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen ó but itís actually being projected onto your retina.

A major cybercrime network has been shut down, with an Australian allegedly involved. The Infraud Organisation ó founded in 2010 by Ukrainian man Svyatoslav Bondarenko and operated under the slogan "In Fraud We Trust" ó used an online forum to buy and sell stolen credit card and bank account numbers, social security numbers and other personal information, the US Justice Department said. Investigators believe the group's nearly 11,000 members targeted more than 4.3 million credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts worldwide, Deputy Assistant Attorney-General David Rybicki said.

HotHardware checked out some Corsair All-In-One Coolers. All-in-one liquid coolers are not quite as nice looking or as potentially high-performance as a custom built system that can employ hard line tubing and multi-waterblock arrangements, but they are still a step up from many air coolers and donít require the same hefty investment. This makes all-in-one liquid coolers very appealing for mid-range gaming setups where maximizing performance per dollar is often the goal. Fortunately for us, Corsair answered the call.

If all the crypto buzz recently has left you scratching your head, you can catch up with this blockchain explained article from TechSpot. Besides simply being the backbone of cryptocurrency exchanges, the most powerful uses of blockchain technology are yet to emerge. It's envisioned by many to become a decentralized, real-time global distributed digital ledger of things for everything from tracking food supplies to managing identities.

Meanwhile HWAsylum ponder the PC landscape's future now that cryptocurrency is a thing. Quite a few gamers are upset with the massive price hikes on video cards due to crypto miners. Some people forget that not long ago PC hardware was in a tough spot thanks in part to, gamers. This is a short editorial exploring that side of PC Hardware.

NASA have made contact with a satellite they had assumed had been dead since 2005. After an amateur astronomer recorded observations of a satellite in high Earth orbit on Jan. 20, 2018, his initial research suggested it was the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) ó a NASA mission launched into orbit around Earth on March 25, 2000. Seeking to ascertain whether the signal indeed came from IMAGE, NASAís Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, coordinated the use of five separate antennas to acquire radio frequency signals from the object.

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