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Monday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 26-February-2018  16:36:08 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Samsung have unveiled their Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus high-end phones. The main thing of interest seems to be the new camera setup, and also that it retains the headphone jack, notably missing from Apple's recent offerings. HotHardware have a hands-on review. However, what stands out the most perhaps is Samsung's Dual Aperture f/1.5 - f/2.4 lens on both devices. Rather than a fixed aperture, which is found on just about every other smartphone on the market currently, the Dual Aperture system can automatically adjust to let more light in for low-light shooting, or less light in when the conditions are bright or over-exposed. The goal is to ensure that users take "photos that are crisp and clear anytime, anywhere." GSMArena have published their review too, while Flagger spotted this list of Australian plans. Discussion in this thread.

Significant data breaches in Australia must now be reported to authorities. The scheme, which came into effect on Thursday, requires all government agencies and businesses with annual turnover of more than $3 million to notify individuals if a data breach occurs that is likely to cause “serious harm”. Fines of up to $2.1 million can result if this does not occur.

Microsoft are working on a commercial quantum computer. Before you roll your eyes, quantum may be nearer to reality than you think. “Five years from now, we will have a commercial quantum computer,” says Holmdahl.

HotHardware have a mechanical keyboard roundup. Here at Hot Hardware we have covered our fair share of mechanical keyboards, but today we might be covering the most diverse group of keyboards yet. That might be a bit of a stretch, but what we can say for sure is that we have five vastly different mechanical keyboards that we are going to dig into, type on for days, and if luck has its way, perhaps we'll be able to recommend one or more of them.

TechSpot have a Ryzen 3 2200G overclocking guide, for those on a budget. Today we'll be overclocking AMD's Ryzen 3 2200G to the max with a $20 air cooler from DeepCool called the Gammaxx 200T. Now, you might be questioning the idea of splurging on an aftermarket cooler for a Raven Ridge APU that only costs $100 itself and already ships with the Wraith Stealth heatsink that is sufficient for mild overclocks. However, we've been keen to see how much more can be extracted from the APU when using an upgraded heatsink and whether that works out value-wise.

Meanwhile TweakTown have a Ryzen 1000-series overclocking guide. AMD's Ryzen CPUs have been out for almost a year, and it's now time for us to put out an easy to understand and easy to follow overclocking guide for the CPU. The AM4 platform has matured a lot, and so things are much more stable and overclocking is easier now than ever. AMD offers two ways to overclock their Ryzen CPUs; through the motherboard's UEFI and through AMD's Ryzen Master application. We are going to focus on the UEFI as AMD has done an excellent job of covering how to overclock with their software.

LegitReviews toured Corsair's HQ in California. We have seen Corsair grow from a handful of people into a giant company with over eight hundred worldwide employees, so it is quite an amazing sight to see their current headquarters. Corsair has a huge building in the San Francisco Bay Area that is filled out really well with various departments, with two stories of offices and cubicles surrounding various testing, qualification and R&D departments.

FOTW spotted this flight sim company using malware to catch pirates. In a nutshell, FlightSimLabs installed a password dumper onto ALL users’ machines, whether they were pirates or not, but then only activated the password-stealing module when it determined that specific ‘pirate’ serial numbers had been used which matched those on FlightSimLabs’ servers.

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