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Tuesday Sunrise (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-December-2002  05:20:04 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

A fair few reviews for you this morning so take the time to read some. A couple of humorous pieces as well.

Dynamix sent this one in. It's a new Microsoft keyboard. And I just bought a new keyboard too!

The official "Unofficial OCAU BF1942 Clan" now have a new home. And a very nice looking home it is too. Thanks Dr. Kildare.

Some people go all out when it comes to Christmas lights on their house. Driver, is one of those people."I've currently got ~45 circuits connected to a homemade controller that runs off the parallel port of a PC that is running custom sequencing software I wrote. The site contains lots of pictures and information about how it all works for those interested in doing something similar".

Case modders beware. If you are not a Lego fan, then don't go any further. Thanks Kirstar.

Osiris11 reminds us that after December 31st this year, Windows 95 and Windows 3x will reach what Microsoft calls EOL, or end of life. Grab what you can get for them now.

The long awaited AMD Barton 2500+ arrives! It sounds like its all been worth the wait so go here and read all about it. Link sent in by Peter. And while we are on the AMD subject, have a read of some AMD x86-64 Processor benchmarks. Thanks sclozza.

Sudhian have posted an article titled "Folding @ Home--The Basics". You could also visit or own dedicated Folding@Home site here.

This page wants us all to know why Santa and System Administrators are very similar. From Quilb.

The old Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane has been demolished. You can view a 15Mb time lapse video of the demolition. Thanks rosen

X-Bit Labs" have posted an article called DDR II: Memory of the Future". It makes for an interesting read.

An article on how to Stealth your Floppy Drive on SubZeroTech.

Hardware Accelerated have a Comprehensive Linux Guide. "The guide pretty much covers the good, the bad, and the ugly about various distributions".

Todays Flash Game is ant city. And if that isn't to your liking try the cricket. I like that one.

Stronghold Crusader Game on OcPrices
Swiftech MCX-4000 on OcPrices
Swiftech MCX462+T HSF at Club Overclocker
Globalwin CAK4-86 Copper 800gm CPU Cooler at Hardcoreware
X-pider TM2000 Thermal Monitor at Overclock Intelligence Agency
MSI G4Ti4200-VTD8X Video Card at Viper Lair
Vantec Nexus Fan Controller on ExtremeMhz
pcToys 4.5" Cold Cathodes on SystemCooling
Samsung SM-348 CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive at I Am Not A Geek

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