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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 3-August-2018  15:10:46 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's an interesting interview on TechGage with the man who created graphical ray-tracing. With the release of DirectX Raytracing and NVIDIAís RTX API, itís time we took a look at the history behind ray tracing, and how it came about. With SIGGRAPH just around the corner, we speak to Turner Whitted, who used his knowledge of sonar to pioneer ray tracing as a method for rendering computer graphics back in 1979.

It's not too often we publish a positive Telstra story, but they have been crowned the fastest for Netflix after two years as the slowest. Every month, Netflix Australia ranks six of the countryís ISPs based on the streaming providerís own calculations of download speeds during prime time. From April 2015, a month after Netflix landed in Australia, until August 2017 Telstra was listed as the slowest provider. But from September 2017, the telecommunications giant started to climb up and has been the fastest provider since February 2018.

Guru3D have an updated PC Buyer's Guide. It's that time of the year again! Welcome, all to the (Late) Summer 2018 edition of Guru3D's PC Buyer's Guide. This article will show you PC builds at various price points that we - as a unit - feel happy to recommend.

LanOC meanwhile look at casting 3D-printed parts. How does one make something metal with a 3D printer? You can spend a huge sum of money and buy a printer that can sinter metal powders together. Unless youíre NASA or SpaceX that is a lot of money. Sure, you could slap a MIG welder nozzle on your printer but that is not very precise and would take a lot of tinkering to get something useful out of it. Instead of going high tech, letís go low tech. Casting liquid metal into sand molds is a process humans have been doing for centuries. What if you used a 3D printer to create the mold patterns for the sand in a few hours instead of the day(s) it would have taken to do by hand?

An old Reddit backup was compromised recently, which may have security implications if you have been a member over there for a while. Most interesting is the fact that SMS messages for two-factor authentication were intercepted as part of the hack.

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