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Thursday Midday (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-November-2018  12:02:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

We're naturally all concerned about The Singularity and humanity being exterminated by an army of super AI equipped parkour robots, but it seems they will be replacing lawyers first. In a landmark study, 20 experienced US-trained lawyers were pitted against the LawGeex Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The 40-page study details how AI has overtaken top lawyers for the first time in accurately spotting risks in everyday business contracts.

Maybe one way we can slow the inevitable enslavement of humanity is by using helium to jam electronics, as per this interesting story on iFixit. A failing oscillator would match Erik’s symptoms, which he reproduced in an experiment. “I placed an iPhone 8 Plus in a sealed bag and filled it with helium. This wasn’t incredibly realistic, as the original iPhones would have been exposed to a much lower concentration, but it still supports the idea that helium can disable the device. In the video I leave the display on and running a stopwatch for the duration of the test. Around 8 minutes and 20 seconds in the phone locks up. Nothing crazy really happens. The clock just stops, and nothing else. The display did stay on though.”

Tech Report take us through the best gaming CPUs of late 2018. Choosing a CPU for a gaming PC can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. We walk you through the types of gaming experiences where CPUs matter and where they don't, and we pick chips for every budget that make the most of today's powerful graphics cards. OCClub meanwhile tell us their best AMD motherboard picks at the moment.

One current debate about the NBN is over whether it will be superceded by 5G mobile data. The ACCC has warned the government not to protect the NBN from this possibility. Whatever the costs of the NBN are... the worst outcome for consumers would be any attempt to protect the NBN from whatever competition is going to come from mobile technologies,” Sims said. The ACCC is “very strongly in favour NBN facing competition,” the ACCC chair said. “From our point of view there should not be any thought of trying to protect the value of NBN – this is all about the consumers.”

We don't generally associate Apple products with DIY upgrades, but Tweaktown have an article about upgrading an iMac. They swap out the HDD, memory and even the CPU. I opted to take the upgrade process further than the two OWC upgrade kits. In this case, im removing the stock Core i5 7400 and replacing it with the Core i7 7700. For this we must remove the tape blocking the screws on the backplate, followed by the screws.

The UN's privacy watchdog has described the Government's encryption bill as fatally flawed. The bill “is equally likely to endanger security as not,” Cannataci wrote — a criticism that has also been made by representatives of the technology and telecommunications sectors. Local human rights groups have also attacked the government's proposals.

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