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Wednesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-December-2018  14:02:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TechSpot noticed that it's possible to overclock some low-end Athlon CPUs, thanks to a BIOS error. In an unexpected turn of events, itís now possible to overclock the otherwise-locked Athlon 200GE processor that currently sits as the least expensive Zen-based chip you can buy, selling for about $55. In what appears to be a slip up by MSI, about two weeks ago the component maker released a new BIOS for their full range of AM4 motherboards to include support version of AMDís Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture, otherwise known as AGESA.

HotHardware have an interview with Intel about their discrete GPU strategy. Lest we forget, Intel is not new to graphics. Intel GPU cores, integrated into its desktop and mobile processors, push the pixels in hundreds of millions of systems. And the company has a low-power DirectX 12-class GPU already in its repertoire. Theoretically, if Intel wanted, it could simply scale up its current GPU architecture and make more powerful discrete GPUs. This is not what Intel will be doing, however. In our discussion with Ari, he specifically stated that the GPU coming in 2020 is a massive enhancement to Intelís graphics IP, optimized for future graphics, compute, and machine learning workloads.

The expanded site-blocking legislation has been passed into law. It widens the country's existing website-blocking system by allowing copyright owners to apply for injunctions to force ISPs to prevent their customers from accessing pirate sites. Once an injunction has been granted, the ISP can block mirror and proxy sites without needing to return to court. Meanwhile, search engines such as Google and Bing are also to be held responsible for linking to banned sites, and will now be required to remove links to them, again with mirror and proxy sites included.

SpaceX launched 64 satellites in one go recently. Setting new commercial launch and satellite industry records, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket propelled by a first stage booster launched and recovered two times before soared into a clear morning sky over Californiaís Central Coast on Monday with 64 small satellites, then returned to a pinpoint landing on a vessel parked offshore in the Pacific Ocean, potentially to be flown again.

MasterCard and Microsoft want to give everyone a unique digital identity. Access to a universally-recognized digital identity could unlock new and enhanced experiences for people as they interact with businesses, service providers and their community online. Kiiiinda sounds like an episode of Black Mirror, though.

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