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Wednesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 30-January-2019  15:35:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's an article on MichaelWest.com about the history and failure of the NBN. The roll-out of the NBN has been lambasted as a national tragedy. Lee Ridge looks at the players and the process behind the foundering broadband project and argues politics and ideology have set Australia back years.

TPG are apparently not rolling out a mobile network anymore, due to the Government's ban on Huawei equipment. "It is extremely disappointing that the clear strategy the company had to become a mobile network operator at the forefront of 5G has been undone by factors outside of TPG's control," the company's chairman David Teoh said. Huawei Australia also expressed disappointment at the decision. "As predicted, the Australian's Government's 5G ban on Huawei will lead to reduced competition and higher prices for Australia consumers and businesses," it said in a statement.

Meanwhile the US Dept of Justice have officially indicted Huawei for theft of trade secrets, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. The indictment, returned by a grand jury on January 16, details Huawei’s efforts to steal trade secrets from Bellevue, Washington based T-Mobile USA and then obstruct justice when T-Mobile threatened to sue Huawei in U.S. District Court in Seattle. The alleged conduct described in the indictment occurred from 2012 to 2014, and includes an internal Huawei announcement that the company was offering bonuses to employees who succeeded in stealing confidential information from other companies.

Anandtech checked out some double-height DDR4 from G.Skill and ZADAK. Two memory module companies, G.Skill and ZADAK, have developed a new memory format with double capacity DDR4 memory. These new modules put the equivalent of two standard modules onto one PCB, making one memory module act like two. Both companies have introduced 2x32 GB kits. As a result, these memory modules are double the capacity over regular DDR4 memory, with the downside that they are also double the height.

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