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Monday Afternoon (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 4-February-2019  14:23:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Techgage look into Threadripper 2990WX performance issues in Windows. Performance regression issues in Windows on AMD’s top-end Ryzen Threadripper CPUs haven’t gone unnoticed by those who own them, and six months after launch, the issues remain. Fortunately, there’s a new tool making the rounds that can help smooth out those regressions. We’re taking an initial look.

Babeltech have an overclocking showdown between the RX Vega 64 and RTX 2070 video cards. We have optimized and maxed-out our RTX 2070 FE and RX Vega 64 overclocks with all performance options set to their highest limits to get the maximum performance from each card.

TechSpot wonder if 6GB VRAM is enough for 1440p gaming. Today we're investigating claims that the new GeForce RTX 2060 is not a good buy because it only features 6GB VRAM capacity. The RTX 2060 offers performance similar to the GTX 1070 Ti, but that card packs an 8GB memory buffer, as did its non-Ti counterpart. In other words, the RTX 2060 is the fastest graphics card to ever to come with a 6GB memory buffer.

Musicians and fans of oldschool digital music might be interested to hear there's a new MIDI standard on the way. Despite being virtually unchanged since its release in 1983, MIDI remains by far the most popular digital interface for musicians. At the 2019 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)show, the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) just announced that it is in the preliminary prototyping phase of drafting the MIDI 2.0 standard.

Wired report on a new record for the world's fastest supercomputer. Summit, which occupies an area equivalent to two tennis courts, used more than 27,000 powerful graphics processors in the project. It tapped their power to train deep-learning algorithms, the technology driving AI’s frontier, chewing through the exercise at a rate of a billion billion operations per second, a pace known in supercomputing circles as an exaflop.

Intel are going to retire Itanium soon. Under their product discontinuance plan, Intel will cease shipments of Itanium CPUs in mid-2021, or a bit over two years from now. The impact to hardware vendors should be minimal – at this point HP Enterprise is the only company still buying the chips – but it nonetheless marks the end of an era for Intel and their interesting experiment into a non-x86 VLIW-style architecture.

Optus are lining up a 5G service to challenge the NBN. The service will cost $70 a month and include unlimited downloads and a ‘satisfaction guarantee’ that will allow customers to cancel their contract without any fees if they get download speeds below 50 megabits per second (Mbps). That price point compares favourably with Optus' NBN products: For $70 a month the telco offers an NBN service with unlimited downloads and typical evening speeds of 40Mbps.

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