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Tuesday Afternoon (23 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-April-2019  17:39:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I noticed uTorrent was running some ancient version on this PC today so hit the upgrade button, and boy was that a mistake. It silently installed some "web companion" app and changed my default search/homepage to Bing, all without prompting or requiring permission at any point. Nasty. Switched to qBittorrent which seems to be basically the old uTorrent interface without the included dodginess.

I broadly try to avoid politics but a couple of people pointed out this website laying out Labor's NBN plan. It's the usual adversarial "the other guys did it wrong, we'll do it right" type political stuff but in this particular instance it's true that one side had what seemed like a fairly decent plan which was almost deliberately mangled by the other side after they got in. So, take it with a grain of salt but read it if you're interested.

Still on politics, there's an interesting opinion piece here on news.com.au about Russia's alleged influence on American politics via social media - and the possibility of it occurring in Australia. Last year, researchers Tom Sear and Michael Jensen published a report for The Conversation finding that around 5000 of the tweets published by accounts operated by Russia’s Internet Research Agency mentioned Australia, MH17, or the Australian politics hashtag #AusPol. The activity involving Australia increased when our government responded to the downing of MH17 and once again when Australian fighter aircraft were flying over Syria.

Axe sent word that a DOOM speedrun world record has been broken after 20 years. One quirk of the original DOOM was the in-game timer that you see at the end of every level. Rather than rounding up or rounding up or down on the precise time a level was finished, the game always rounds down, regardless. Now if you're dealing with a larger level or a speedrun of a full game, that's not a big deal. But what if you're doing a speedrun of a very specific level - a level that takes nine seconds at most to complete? Discussion here.

CNBC checked out the US Army's hololens-based visor for soldiers. Many features will be recognised by FPS gamers. The whole experience felt natural to me, as I’ve played lots of first-person shooter video games that show me exactly where I am on a map, where my teammates are and where the enemy is. It was almost like a real-life game of “Call of Duty.” But IVAS goes even further. It can also be used for thermal imaging.

SanDisk have announced a 1TB microSDXC card. Crazy. For that money, you get that insane amount of storage for whatever it is you want to store with read speeds of up to 160MB/s (and write of up to 90MB/s). This is thanks to Western Digital's advancements in fast flash technology.

I didn't even know regular LANs were still a thing, but if you're in Perth, RFLAN #63 is on this weekend. RFLAN regularly run LAN gaming events where ticket holders can bring their own PC and register to join in on our tournaments. This is a fantastic way to come socialise, meet new people, win prizes and have some fun.

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