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Wednesday Night (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-October-2019  23:29:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for their work on Lithium-Ion batteries. Prof Mark Miodownik, a materials expert at University College London, said it was right that lithium-ion batteries were celebrated. “They are one of the most influential pieces of materials science that influence the modern life of everyone on the planet,” he said. “It is remarkable too that although 30 years old, they have not been eclipsed by a better battery technology even now, which makes you realise what a remarkable discovery they are.”

Meanwhile Intel have announced a new mobile platform, with a focus on performance and battery life. Back in 2012 Intel gave the PC industry a much-needed shot in the arm when it introduced its Ultrabook initiative. This required any laptops that wanted to qualify for the badge to match certain criteria in terms of size, weight and battery life. The results were some fantastic laptops that were not only lightweight but also long-lasting and powerful. Now Intel is at it again with Project Athena, which should prove good news for anyone who wants a top-quality Windows laptop that’s designed for the 2020s.

It's almost surprising this hasn't been done before, but a new version of Flight Simulator will use Bing satellite imagery for scenery, among other improvements. All of this data results in an environment that is often breathtakingly lifelike, and it means that the entire planet is effectively what we used to call a “high detail area,” only more realistic. For the tech-savvy, many of the scenery areas boast a resolution of 3 centimeters per pixel, while the default in FSX was about 1 meter per pixel. Throw in 1.5 trillion trees, individual blades of grass modeled in 3D, and a complete overhaul of lighting and shadows, and the result is an unprecedented level of detail for a flight simulator of any kind. True VFR flight, day or night, with real-world landmarks is now possible everywhere on the planet.

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia will now be archiving Australian video games. The announcement was made at the opening of the new exhibition Game Masters, which will be on show in Canberra from 27 September to 9 March 2020. Jan Müller, CEO of the NFSA, said: ‘Today we welcome video games into our collection of more than 3 million items. The collection represents the cultural diversity and breadth of experience of all Australians, and it is constantly evolving just like our creative industries. We aim to be the national leader in collecting multimedia and new media content, and it would be impossible to accurately represent modern life without games. It is essential that games be collected alongside other audiovisual media, to ensure their continued preservation and access.’

Just noticed my trusty Wunderlist seems to be slowly morphing into something called "Microsoft ToDo". Hmm, my crappy-sense is tingling..

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