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Sunday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 5-April-2020  15:37:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hope you're not going too stir crazy out there.

Half Life: Alyx is apparently an amazing VR experience. I played the final three hours of Half-Life: Alyx in a single session. Before Alyx, I never used VR for more than 30 minutes at a time. I don't get motion sick but I do get generally tired of VR. Tired of having a hunk of plastic strapped to my face, of having to stand and stoop and reach awkwardly around, of not being able to check my phone or have a sip of coffee. But I didn't take a break, or even want to, during the final chapters of Half-Life: Alyx. I wasn't tired. I was completely enthralled and unwilling to stop playing.

If you're wanting to join the fun, BabeltechReviews compared 13 AMD and NVIDIA cards for use in Half Life: Alyx. Half Life: Alyx released on March 23rd to great reviews and it is probably the most important and instantly popular VR game to date. It has just been added to BTR’s regular benchmark suite, and we are going examine its image quality (IQ) and measure the performance of 13 NVIDIA and AMD video cards with the Vive Pro using FCAT-VR.

OCInside modified an AIO cooler to make a more serious custom cooler. Today, an AIO water cooling system is being converted on OCinside.de. We show the conversion of an Antec K240 AIO water cooling with a few components from Alphacool to a flexible test system in a comprehensive video on our YouTube channel.

GamersNexus visited the Lian Li factory to see how PC case panels are made. Due to human malware concerns presently spiraling, the metals factory we visited in Taiwan has more business than ever. Its competition across the ocean is operating at significantly reduced capacity, so companies that can afford to make their products in Taiwan are sourcing parts locally rather than importing them. It was a busy time to visit the factory, affording an incredible opportunity to film the full process of how sheet metal is made. Lian Li is a customer of this factory, using its metal for networking chassis and sometimes DIY cases.

Australia's Communications Alliance have asked people to consider their bandwidth usage during peak times. Although many internet providers have increased or fully removed data caps on customers' monthly plans to help people working from home, Communications Alliance suggested that people generate less data traffic, and avoid downloading and uploading large files during peak times. Peak times now include daytime hours, and CA said "it can make a big difference if you can plan ahead and download a movie or other large files between 9pm and 9am." Furthermore, if customers have a choice of image quality, they should pick standard definition (SD) over 1080p high definition (HD) or 4K Ultra HD for streaming video, the industry body advised.

Leroy noticed that the games "Gone Home" and "Hob" are free on Epic Games this week. The first of this week’s free games is Fullbright’s acclaimed 2013 atmospheric mystery game Gone Home. In Gone Home, you arrive home after a year abroad and explore your house in order to learn what happened while you were away. I can’t say too much more without getting into spoiler territory, but Gone Home is widely regarded as a great game, as its 86 on Metacritic and 9 here at DualShockers suggest.

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