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Monday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 27-April-2020  22:26:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Time for some news catchup. I will say again that since this COVID thing kicked off, we've been busier in the forums than we have been in quite a while. Feel free to sign up and join in the conversations!

Anthony Agius of (among other things) MacTalk and The Sizzle has a video talk over on LASTAnywhere about his varied career, so far. Come hear about Anthony’s very interesting career. Including: How he created and sold the biggest Apple Mac website, outside the US. Why he owned one of the first iPads in Australia. Started one of the first and most popular podcasts in Australia. How he “earned” more than 1 million Qantas points by lifting his finger 10,448 times. Anthony will join us via video from Melbourne, Australia.

There's been a benchmarking scandal in the world of mobile phones, uncovered by Anandtech. Naturally, and unfortunately, my first thought was that there must be some sort of cheating going on. We had reached out to our friends at UL for a anonymised version of PCMark – the teams there in the past had also been a great help in deterring cheating behaviour in the industry. To no major surprise, the two versions of the benchmark did differ in their scores – but I was still aghast at the magnitude of the score delta: a 30% difference in the overall score, with up to a 75% difference in important subtests such as the writing workload.

More relevant to PC users is the discovery that drive specs are not what they seem sometimes. Several interesting threads popped up in Reddit over the weekend claiming that WD was surreptitiously shipping inferior shingled magnetic recording (SMR) hard drives in its new WD Red NAS line of drives, but without disclosing that the drives use the slower recording technique. We sent queries to WD over the weekend, and the company confirmed to Tom's Hardware today that the drives do use SMR technology. However, WD doesn't list that fact in its advertising or on the specification sheets made available to consumers.

GamersNexus took a tour of a PSU factory. In this factory tour, we'll be walking through the manual assembly and validation process of power supplies in Tainan, Taiwan, at the southern tip of the island. Power supplies go through PCB manufacturing, SMT lines, automatic optical inspection, validation, assembly, and then through testing. 100% of all power supplies made in this factory are thermally burned-in and tested on Chroma machine power supply testers.

Wired have an article about the push for photonic circuits as a replacement for electronics. That is to say - using light. By demonstrating its application in the main ingredient in conventional computer chips, Bakkers and his colleagues have taken another major step toward practical light-based computing. Electronic computer chips have faithfully served our computing needs for half a century, but in our data-hungry world, it’s time to kick our processors up to light speed.

The Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating 30 years of amazing images. The Hubble Space Telescope launched 30 years ago on Friday, forever changing the way we see the universe. The telescope's ethereal, dreamy and almost fantasy-like views of space vistas have inspired people for decades and led to some of the most important astronomical discoveries.

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