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Wednesday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 21-April-2021  00:04:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Humanity has now flown an aircraft on another planet for the first time. Nasa is celebrating the first powered, controlled flight on another planet after its Ingenuity helicopter rose into the Martian sky, hovered for a moment, then gently returned to the dusty surface. The robotic craft climbed to an altitude of about 3 metres on its maiden flight on Monday morning, having hitched a ride to Mars with Nasa’s Perseverance rover, which touched down in February on a mission to search for signs of life.

Here's some hardcore geekery to uncover some mystery CPU instructions. For starters, finding unused opcodes is a lot harder than it might sound. You can’t just stuff memory with every value from 0x00 through 0xFF, execute it, and watch what happens. That’s especially true of x86 processors, which have variable-length instructions and a convoluted system of code prefix bytes, suffix bytes, modes, and internal register designations. Instructions that work with some registers don’t work with others. Some memory modes are supported by some instructions but not others, and so on. It’s unabashedly nonorthogonal.

The chip shortage continues, and a prolonged drought in Taiwan isn't helping. TAIPEI: More than one million households and businesses in Taiwan's heavily industrialised central regions were put on water rationing Tuesday (Apr 6), as the island battles its worst drought in 56 years. The shortage is expected to particularly impact the water-intensive microchip manufacturing sector during a global shortage of semiconductors that power everything from cars to iPhones and computers.

Microsoft meanwhile are trialling immersion cooling in their datacentres. The cooling works by completely submerging server racks in a specially designed non-conductive fluid. The fluorocarbon-based liquid works by removing heat as it directly hits components and the fluid reaches a lower boiling point (122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius) to condense and fall back into the bath as a raining liquid. This creates a closed-loop cooling system, reducing costs as no energy is needed to move the liquid around the tank, and no chiller is needed for the condenser either.

TechGage have a GeForce & Radeon 1080p & 1440p Gaming performance roundup. Equipped with 11 graphics cards, ten game titles, and a bunch of synthetic tests, we’re taking a look at select GPUs from AMD’s and NVIDIA’s previous- and current-gen series to see which models stand out of the crowd, and perhaps offer the best bang-for-the-buck (…at least, as far as SRP goes). Currently the primary purchasing decider seems to still be "what do they actually have stock of today?"

IntelInside sent word that the ACCC have decided Google misled consumers about location data. The Court ruled that when consumers created a new Google Account during the initial set-up process of their Android device, Google misrepresented that the ‘Location History’ setting was the only Google Account setting that affected whether Google collected, kept or used personally identifiable data about their location. In fact, another Google Account setting titled ‘Web & App Activity’ also enabled Google to collect, store and use personally identifiable location data when it was turned on, and that setting was turned on by default.

Yahoo Answers is going away soon. Yahoo Answers, one of the longest-running and most storied web Q&A platforms in the history of the internet, is shutting down on May 4th. That’s the day the Yahoo Answers website will start redirecting to the Yahoo homepage, and all of the platform’s archives will apparently cease to exist. The platform has been operating since 2005, and in the years since its relevance as a meme haven has remained intact while its practicality as a forum has waned during the rise of Reddit, Quora, and other competing internet hangouts.

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