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Monday Evening (1 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 26-April-2021  19:10:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From Callan, news that you need to update your QNAP NAS before ransomware locks it down. Official info from QNAP here. QNAP strongly urges that all users immediately install the latest Malware Remover version and run a malware scan on QNAP NAS. The Multimedia Console, Media Streaming Add-on, and Hybrid Backup Sync apps need to be updated to the latest available version as well to further secure QNAP NAS from ransomware attacks. QNAP is urgently working on a solution to remove malware from infected devices.

A Sydney man has avoided jail time for selling pirated Netflix subscriptions, among other things. Evan McMahon, 23, received a discounted sentence of two years and two months to be served under an intensive corrections order in the community, with NSW District Court judge John Pickering urging the man to use his valuable technical skills to achieve great things for society.

Fresh from the "..but why?" files comes Bitcoin mining on a C64. Commodore 64 was released in 1982 by CBM. It features a MOS Technology 6510 processor which has a frequency of 1.023 MHz. The console is equipped with 64KB of RAM, 20KB of ROM, and a special VIC-II graphics chip. This is very old and weak hardware to mine blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and at that time no one would have imagined this will be used for Bitcoin mining. but this is exactly what 8-Bit Show And Tell achieved in his latest modding attempt.

Meanwhile the latest thing to catch the eye of cryptocurrency miners is Chia, which uses storage space instead of computational effort. So instead of mass miners buying up all the GPUs, they're now buying up all the SSDs and HDDs. But, I freely admit I am GPU mining and chia farming in my own lowly way. Anyway, discussion in this thread.

Microsoft's DirectStorage will use your GPU to speed up your storage, in a way. Currently, decompression is handled by special CPU-based algorithms, but with PCIe 4.0 speeds and massive asset sizes, CPU overhead is a big problem. This is one of the main reasons why today's games don't run at max data rates advertised on high-end NVMe SSDs. To solve this problem Microsoft is working closely with chip-makers like Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD to make GPU-based compression tech for existing CPUs and GPUs.

I avoid mainstream media so hadn't noticed, but apparently there's sod-all tech coverage in Australia anymore. There’s no question that a lot of tech news is driven by a global news agenda which means overseas outlets might be the winners of Australian eyeballs for daily tech news trends. And many local tech outlets, print and digital, are largely underpinned by content delivered from overseas partners and parents to flesh out the coverage local teams can offer. I should note that link came from Anthony over at The Sizzle - one of the places I get my Aussie tech news.

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