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Wednesday Night (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-August-2021  23:25:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Telstra have announced that all public payphones will be free - assuming you can still find one! Starting Tuesday, Telstra’s bold move, which is expected to lose more than $ 5 million in revenue, will be free from just asking for help from one of Australia’s 15,076 payphones or calling a friend. increase. As part of the telephone payphone overhaul, both local and domestic calls are free, and calls to Australian mobile numbers are unlimited except for the 6-hour call limit. However, consumers still have to pay to make a call abroad. Dicussion here.

An Australian court has ruled that an AI can be a patent inventor. On Friday, the Federal Court ruled in favour of Dr Stephen Thaler, a US-based developer of Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience (DABUS) in his case against the Australian Commissioner of Patents. The Commissioner had rejected Dr Thaler’s claim that his computer program is capable of independent invention and that it has devised several new inventions. But in the first judicial determination in the world of its type, Australian Federal Court Justice Jonathan Beach determined that an AI system can be named as the inventor of a patent.

OCInside have a DIY Nickel Plating Guide. This is how to nickel plate. Nickel-plated surfaces are frequently encountered in everyday life. Furniture fittings, tools and even CPU coolers are often coated with a thin layer of nickel. It protects objects from corrosion and makes them resistant to environmental influences. In the computer area, high-performance CPU coolers are often nickel-plated, as bare copper would otherwise oxidize quickly. In the following nickel plating tutorial on OCinside.de we nickel plate a coldplate and test the nickel plated AIO with liquid metal! Make sure you do your homework on the chemical safety side of things, though!

DIY keyboards are still popular, and OCClub have a guide to lubricating the switches. When I started with custom mechanical keyboards nearly a year ago now, I gave myself the goal of covering it within reasonable extremes. It can be described as a constructive hobby and, like many hobbies, can get very extreme if you decide to take it that far, with examples such as hand wired builds and so-called franken-switches, assembled from the parts of other switches. Lubricating switches I could see being described by some as extreme as it involves disassembling each switch, but it is more approachable than the examples I just gave, and so I have wanted to do it.

TechSpot looked back at 27 years of Need For Speed games. Today, we’ll fasten our seat belts for a quick drive down memory lane and take a look at all the mainstream Need for Speed games – PC & console – from the 1994’s original to Need for Speed Heat released in 2019. A new titles is also in development slated for 2022 as of writing.

I've been following Revenger's Astro City retro arcade project for a while - if you're working on something similar, you might be interested in these retro replica Sega Virtual Fight Stick Pro panels that he's organising. In partnership with San Star Game and thanks to FrancoB from Arcade Otaku, we are releasing a 2L16B panel (2 Player 16 buttons) with or without artwork one can buy. This layout is used by all modern fighting games especially console ones. The panel with artwork included (comes not attached) can now be ordered, you can just order 1 and we need a minimum of 50 total orders in order for them to be produced.

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