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Friday Morning (18 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 17-December-2021  00:34:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A new update for Raspberry Pis has increased their speed. In a follow-up blog post, Raspberry Pi Foundation's Eben Upton confirmed that the speed increases some Raspberry Pi 4 owners saw were in fact intended to be there. And we're not talking about a tiny speed jump, either. The latest version of Raspberry Pi OS cranks the default boost clock from 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz on "recent" Raspberry Pi 4 boards, netting owners a 300MHz bonus gain at the high end. By "recent," Upton is referring to any Raspberry Pi 4 model with 8GB of RAM, or 4GB and 2GB variants with extra components, as circled in this photo...

A Hungarian neuroengineer (cool title btw) has trained rats to play Doom II. His rat training setup was equal parts bootstrap and scrappy, he wrote in a viral Medium post, consisting of a large polystyrene ball that could be rolled in any direction via ball bearings. A rat was suspended in a harness on top, where it could move the ball with its feet, which sensors translated into movement in the game world and mirrored it onto a curved computer monitor in front of the gaming rodents.

Meanwhilke an Australian tech nerd has put together the most connected van in Australia. Anyway, if you are going to work remotely anywhere in Australia from a van, you need damn good internet. Here's how I put together a vehicle with the best internet connectivity in Australia.

There's a proposal to free up loopback IP addresses for normal use. This document redefines the IPv4 local loopback network as consisting only of the 65,536 addresses to ( It asks implementers to make addresses in the prior loopback range to fully usable for unicast use on the Internet.

IntelInside spotted this story about an Apple watch saving a man's life. The Apple Watch has plenty of features designed to track and monitor your health. One feature is fall detection, and itís actually being credited with saving an 85-year-old manís life in Canada. According to an Instagram post from the Ottawa Police Department, which AppleInsider first spotted, a man took a nasty fall that knocked him unconscious and left him with a head wound. The Apple Watch detected the fall and called 911 for him, which ultimately saved his life.

Here's an interesting (if legally problematic) solution to in-case cable management. Gigabyte relocated them all to the backside of the motherboard so that storage, power, cooling and other cables can be more easily routed behind the motherboard tray. This facilitates a cleaner looking build, at least in the front side, and frees the main motherboard compartment of cables that could possible interfere with the flow of air over toasty components.

Elon Musk is Time Magazine's Person of the Year. I would have thought something a bit more pandemic-centric would have made more sense.

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