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Wednesday Night News (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-August-2022  21:56:21 (GMT +10) - by MUTMAN

Passkeys should truly make passwords obsolete. Passkeys are unique digital keys that are easy to use, more secure, never stored on a web server and stay on your device. The best part? Hackers can’t steal Passkeys in a data breach or trick users into sharing them. The cross-platform experience is super easy,” said Knight. “So say you're someone who has an iPhone, but you want to go and log in on a windows machine. You'll be able to get to a QR code that you will then just scan with your iPhone and then be able to use Face ID or Touch ID on your phone.”
In other words, computers are going to communicate with each other to make sure that you are in proximity for security sake and they'll confirm that you're signed in.

Ever wondered what's inside the dome on top of Google's street view cars? This Trek View post from 2019 goes into some detail. There's a differential GPS setup and wheel mounted odometers to get precise location info. Laser range scanners "for recording the actual dimensions of the space being photographed". LIDAR scanners "to capture 3D depth information" and "additional positional information", plus the obvious air quality sensors and wi-fi hardware to collect network info.

The 2023 Women in AI Awards honour women working, leading, creating, researching or innovating across private and public sectors in the critical field of AI. “2021 & 2022 WAI ANZ Awards celebrated outstanding women in AI who achieved wonderful work across various industries”, said Angela Kim, WAI Australia Ambassador. “The 2023 APAC Awards will for the first time bring women in AI from right across the Asia Pacific region to Sydney, showcasing diversity, inclusion and equity in AI as never before.”
Applications will be opening soon; to find out more, visit www.womeninai.co/waiawards2023apac.

AOL is changing ownership once again, this time selling to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.
Today the company is just a web portal that provides services like news and email. Oh, and a subscription product... with 1.5 million paying customers. Wait, what? The internet pioneer was bought by Verizon in 2015 for $4.4 billion and later combined with Yahoo, another relic of the early internet that the cellular provider purchased in 2017... and which has struggled to stay relevant in the face of Google and Facebook's dominance of online advertising.

Geoff Huntley is traveling around Australia in a decked out van. I have seen how many McDonalds operate and just how many of these terminals are left unlocked. Three days ago at the Blaxland store my spider senses started tingling when I noticed something quite alarming. It turns out that these kiosks run windows 7 as administrator, touch screen input is enabled and in the recovery operating mode the general public can run any application.

In Robotics: The Future Is Now!, Bill Shatner the Star Trek actor, introduces viewers to the cutting-edge science of robotics. Although these “Steel Collar Workers” represent both a marvel of technological advancement and an uncertain future for humans in the workforce, Shatner ends the video on a hopeful note: “Perhaps robotics can lead to a better life for all of us.”

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