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Sunday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-October-2023  17:50:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Another thing that happened recently was the launch of the Raspberry Pi 5. This is the much-anticipated successor to the Raspberry Pi 4 I reviewed a while ago here. Raspberry Pi 5 comes with new features, itís over twice as fast as its predecessor, and itís the first Raspberry Pi computer to feature silicon designed in-house here in Cambridge, UK. More info here, thanks Paul. Discussion towards the end of this thread.

Apparently Windows 11's on-by-default encryption will slow down your SSD, thanks metamorphosis. There are few things more frustrating than paying for high-speed PC components and then leaving performance on the table because software slows your system down. Unfortunately, a default setting in Windows 11 Pro, having its software BitLocker encryption enabled, could rob as much as 45 percent of the speed from your SSD as it forces your processor to encrypt and decrypt everything. According to our tests, random writes and reads ó which affect the overall performance of your PC ó get hurt the most, but even large sequential transfers are affected.

Team AU Overclocking recently set a record. With IEM Sydney 2023 ((Intel Extreme Masters) taking place alongside SXSW Sydney, the game of choice was Counter-Strike 2. With the new Intel Core i9 14900K featuring a 6 GHz boost frequency out of the box, Team AU and Intel pushed that to 7.5 to 8 GHz. And with that, the performance shot up to a mind-blowing 1310 FPS.

Some Sydneysiders have been making monsters for the movies, thanks tired. Tucked away in a workshop in Marrickville, many locals might be surprised to learn this Australian team are also behind hits including Mad Max: Fury Road, Where The Wild Things Are, Aquaman, Thor: Love & Thunder, multiple films in the Matrix franchise and loads more. In their decades in the industry, Adam and Damian have created some of the most iconic moments in film; from prosthetic make-up to animatronic characters and practical effects. Their latest challenge? Creating a pregnant werewolf for Isla Fisher's character in the new season of TV show Wolf Like Me.

Meanwhile Baz is putting the final touches on his Full Scale MK II Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. Amazing build!

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