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Thursday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 9-November-2023  01:09:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Still catching up on news from the news box. AMD recently unveiled their Threadripper 7000 family. These are workstation CPUs with up to 96 cores, supporting up to 2TB of RAM and a truckload of PCI lanes. More info on AnandTech, HotHardware and PC World. The Threadripper Pro 7000WX series mirrors the previous 5000WX series for the most part. It features 12, 16, 24, 32, and 64 core processors with a similar model numbering scheme, save for the top end part. The Threadripper Pro 7000WX series, however, adds an additional 96-core SKU – the Threadripper Pro 7995WX -- that sits unparalleled at the top of the stack.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Optus had an outage yesterday. Optus says some services are "gradually being restored" but it may take a "few hours" for all connectivity to return after a huge outage that affected more than 10 million customers earlier today. I quite liked The Chaser's take on it, thanks Branes. Discussion in this related thread.

On a related note, here's some lessons from 20 years of site reliability engineering at Google. At one point, we wanted to push a caching configuration change. We were pretty sure that it would not lead to anything bad. But pretty sure is not 100% sure. Turns out, caching was a pretty critical feature for YouTube, and the config change had some unintended consequences that fully hobbled the service for 13 minutes. Had we canaried those global changes with a progressive rollout strategy, this outage could have been curbed before it had global impact.

Here's a cool retro deep dive into some gadget catalogs. Here’s a catalog, from a guy who chooses cool gadgets, and writes about them in great detail, every word his own. Sounds fun. And then, you dig in.

This is slightly rumour-milly from a couple of weeks ago but big news if it turns out to be true: NVIDIA and AMD planning Windows ARM CPUs. Apple's release of Arm-based system-on-chips for its desktops and laptops three years ago demonstrated that such processors could offer competitive performance and power consumption. On the Windows-based PC front, only Qualcomm has offered Arm-based SoCs for notebooks in recent years, but it looks like it will soon be joined by AMD and NVIDIA, two notable players in the PC space, according to a Reuters report. That report is here with more coverage here on ExtremeTech. Intel are apparently not worried.

MSI have new Project Zero boards which tidy up the cable in show-boating PCs by moving some connectors to the back. The key gimmick with these boards is that basically all of their internal I/O and power connectors are moved to the back of the board. The only things left on the front are the CPU socket, the RAM slots, the PCIe slots, and M.2 sockets.

The robot dogs from yesterday's news might not need extreme parkour, if they can just shoot you with a rocket launcher instead. The U.S. Marine Corps recently tested a robot dog toting a training version of the M72 infantry anti-armor rocket launcher. This is the latest example of growing interest in the U.S. and foreign militaries forces, especially the Chinese and Russian armed forces, in the idea of arming four-legged uncrewed ground systems. What could possibly go wrong?

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