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Monday Night News (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 11-December-2023  23:11:10 (GMT +10) - by MUTMAN

Google’s recent demo of their AI beast Gemini may have been faked. The video demonstrating some of Google Gemini's best interactions may not be entirely real. While Gemini appears to be able to do the things that Google shows in the video, it isn't able to do them live and in the way the video implies. The video was a series of carefully tuned text prompts with still images selected to mislead viewers about the speed, accuracy, and fundamental mode of interaction with the model.

Naturally as this story spread over the web Google was quick to explain it as, nothing to see here. Gemini’s co-lead, Oriol Vinyals points out that “all prompts and outputs in the video are real,” and that the video was simply made to “inspire developers.”

But why wouldn't Google have trust? It's not like they lost their users Drive files. Some users have reported that they lost months of data after Google Drive misplaced it due to a sync issue affecting multiple versions of the app.

Luckily for those users its only been three weeks without access. Nothing to see here? It's been a few weeks of Google asking for patience, but it has now released a fix. Assuming affected individuals followed Google's recommendations, it should be possible to restore the missing files now.

Windows 10 gets an official end of support date. 14th October 2025.
"Windows 11 is the most secure Windows yet. Its extensive capabilities, including Copilot in Windows, are designed to help keep your organization protected and productive. These measures include built-in advanced encryption, data and credential protection, robust system security and network safety, and intelligent safeguards against evolving threats," writes Microsoft

I was thinking it's finally time to jump off the Microsoft wagon and hitch my horses to an operating system that doesn't blue screen on days that end in Y. Everyone hates the infamous Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), but these diagnostic displays are a necessary evil. Windows has had this feature for decades, but recently it was revealed that Linux is finally getting its own Blue Screen of Death. Phoronix reports that systemd debuted an update. This update, version 255, adds a boatload of new features to the controversial init system, and one of them is the aforementioned Blue Screen Of Death feature that will pop up when a system crashes.

The Personal Web isnt dead, it is simply unknown to a large majority of people thanks to the toxic social media take over. Something that I've noticed in general is that the personal sites over there tend to be very creations/product focused. That is, their sole purpose is to show off things that they've made, rather than embody some sort of persona. Even the site topic distribution makes this evident. The front page of a search engine that specializes in doujin sites called ?????? (Yorozulink) has sectioned off registered sites into categories, and the visual arts trumps practically every other category.

As AI becomes omnipresent, are we reaching a tipping point, or is humanity still safe? I think I'll just run away and hide. According to several reports and the South China Morning Post, the new technology is called an InvisDefense Coat and is capable of hiding the human body day or night, specifically from security cameras that are being monitored by artificial intelligence. At a recent scientific event in Shanghai, China, Chu Junhao, a renowned physicist from Donghua University, took to the stage to demonstrate how certain materials can be invisible to the human eye, which generates an effect that is out of science fiction or fantasy.

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