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Wednesday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-December-2023  23:45:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The NSW Government has released a tool rating every suburb's internet connectivity. The digital connectivity index utilises both public and commercially acquired datasets, according to the government. It also covers both mobile and fixed-line connectivity, with “on the move” and “stationary” filters possible for each map. People can type an address into the search bar to see how their suburb compares.

Meanwhile the ACMA has an interactive report on How we use the internet. Our How we use the internet interactive report shows the ways we go online in 2023, and over the past 7 years. It focuses on how we use devices to go online, how often, what we do and what services we use. The report is part of the Communications and media in Australia series within the ACMA research program, which provides evidence to inform our decision making. Surely COVID will have made for some odd spikes in the last 3 years of that data.

BackBlaze have been sharing their HDD stats for many years, but now they also share network info. Every day we move multiple petabytes of traffic between our internet connectivity points and our scalable data center fabric layer to be delivered to either our SSD caching layer (what we call a “shard stash”) or spinning hard drives for storage.

Toshiba think that HDDs have a bright future. The need for more capacity is a given, Kaese says. “This market driver is a certainty. Even if HDDs reached as high as 100 terabytes of capacity, our data-driven society means we would fill it in no time at all.” Air-filled drives need about 10 watts to spin while helium-filled ones need 7-8 watts. He reckons “datacenter engineers are thinking about how to use the HDD in a more power-optimised way, possibly through idle or power-down modes.”

MUTMAN sent word of Intel's Intel's Meteor Lake iGPU beating AMD's RDNA 3. Intel's brand-new Meteor Lake CPUs might find a niche as powerful gaming processors thanks to their powerful integrated graphics. In a review by Golden Pig Upgrade, the Core Ultra 7 155H could barely overtake AMD's Ryzen 7 7840HS in gaming and synthetic iGPU benchmarks. It's the first time AMD has lost its lead in integrated graphics since 2019. More info on HotHardware.

If you're after some retro fun over the Xmas break, take a look at Doom and Doom II which have active modding communities and free-to-play versions. The original Doom and Doom II games have a rich and thriving mod community that continues to this day. The title just celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday, and to commemorate the occasion, one of the very best "megawads" of all time—that's community parlance for a level set with a full game's worth of maps—has just gotten a surprise sequel five years later.

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