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Monday Night (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-January-2024  22:43:36 (GMT +10) - by Agg

An interesting story from the Forums, about taking Apple to court, and winning. Two weeks later I get a call saying your device cannot be fixed under any program or under consumer law and that I would be in it for 1182AUD if I wanted the screen replaced. This perplexed me and got me doing some research, I found that on these particular models (2016-18) the back light flex cables are too short and also they are soldered to the display unit. These units suffer from what is widely know as "Flex gate".

Computer science pioneer Niklaus Wirth passed away on the 1st of this year, aged 89. He designed several programming languages, including Pascal, and pioneered several classic topics in software engineering. In 1984, he won the Turing Award, generally recognized as the highest distinction in computer science, "for developing a sequence of innovative computer languages". also: In 1995, he popularized the adage now named Wirth's law, which states that software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.

Meanwhile GCHQ in the UK are celebrating 80 years of Colossus. Today we have released a series of rare and never-before-seen images of Colossus, in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the code-breaking computer that played a pivotal role in the Second World War effort. The Colossus computer was created during the Second World War to decipher critical strategic messages between the most senior German Generals in occupied Europe, but its existence was only revealed in the early 2000s after six decades of secrecy. Nice high-res photo here.

Last month it was announced that E3 has been permanently cancelled, thanks tired. One of the highest-profile video game conventions is being shut down permanently, its organisers have confirmed. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, had been held annually in Los Angeles since 1995 and was a popular spot for game companies to tease their latest creations before they hit store shelves.

Google have apparently settled their incognito mode lawsuit. Chrome's Incognito Mode isn't really incognito. Google still tracks users browsing in Incognito Mode, which led to a $5 billion class action lawsuit in 2020. Google has reportedly agreed to settle the case in order to avoid a messy trial, but the exact terms of the deal are not yet available. Chrome users will probably get a little bit of cash, though.

TechPowerUp look back at their best of 2023. From cutting-edge processors that shattered performance barriers to graphics cards that restored value in the PC as a gaming platform, 2023 has been a year of remarkable advancements. The past year in particular has been when the world re-emerged fully from the horrors of the COVID pandemic and its crippling restrictions on our way of life. The pandemic applied strain on the semiconductor and ICT supply-chains, but more importantly, it coincided with the crypto-currency boom that kept GPUs away from the consumers they were designed for—us gamers.

This blog meanwhile attempts to summarise AI stuff from 2023. 2023 was the breakthrough year for Large Language Models (LLMs). I think it’s OK to call these AI—they’re the latest and (currently) most interesting development in the academic field of Artificial Intelligence that dates back to the 1950s. Here’s my attempt to round up the highlights in one place!

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