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Wednesday Evening (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 31-January-2024  20:57:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Apple Mac recently turned 40. I'm not a Mac guy but you can't deny the impact it's had over the years. In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh, the world's first truly user friendly computer. With a unique and novel graphical interface, icons, and a mouse - the Mac revolutionized mass-market computing, earning the Macintosh a dedicated following. It also laid the foundation for Apple's enduring commitment to elegant design, innovation, effective marketing, and cutting-edge engineering, values that continue to define the company four decades later.

A new mega data breach has been discovered, nicknamed The Mother of all Breaches. A quick run through the data tree reveals an astoundingly large number of records compiled from previous breaches. The largest number of records, 1.4 billion, comes from Tencent QQ, a Chinese instant messaging app. However, there are supposedly hundreds of millions of records from Weibo (504M), MySpace (360M), Twitter (281M), Deezer (258M), Linkedin (251M), AdultFriendFinder (220M), Adobe (153M), Canva (143M), VK (101M), Daily Motion (86M), Dropbox (69M), Telegram (41M), and many other companies and organizations.

HighPerformanceLaptops have updated their roundup of Australia's Top 30 Laptops for February 2024. High Performance Laptops’ laptop reviews use of an exhaustive scoring system that mathematically compares every new laptop with everything that’s come before it. However, price and availability changes all the time and, consequently, so do the value proposition and overall rank. That’s why we always update our monthly best laptop group test – to produce the definitive Australian laptop buying guide.

Meanwhile iFixit have a teardown video of the new Framework 16 modular laptop. We did get this hardware a bit early, but our opinions are our own, and when you see this hardware, I think you’ll understand why we’re so impressed.

Seagate have announced the world's largest hard drive. With its newly released hard disk drive, storage company Seagate has broken the record for the largest hard drive ever. The Exos X Mozaic 3+ offers a whopping 30TB of space.

Florida is proposing a law to ban social media for under 16s. The bill would require social media platforms to prohibit minors from creating new accounts, terminate existing accounts of those younger than 16 and use age verification for account holders, without a parental permission exemption.

Japan have had a rocky start to their moon lander mission as the lander is upside-down - but the rover is OK. Less than a week later, JAXA also confirmed that its LEV-1, a small robot deployed from SLIM after landing, successfully conducted activities on the lunar surface. LEV-1 then made direct communication with ground stations, as well as an inter-robot test radio wave data transmission from the Transformable Lunar Robot, also known as LEV-2 and nicknamed “SORA-Q”. LEV-2 later captured the awe-inspiring image of SLIM upside down on the rocky lunar surface.

MUTMAN spotted this 16-bit CPU simulated in Excel. A hobbyist has created a 16-bit CPU that was built and runs inside Excel at a 3Hz clock rate and has 128KB of RAM, a 16-color 128x128 pixel display, and a custom assembly language that all runs in the popular spreadsheet. In fact, you can even try out the CPU with files the creator has made available via Github.

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