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Sunday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 1-June-2003  16:47:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Another big community site has bitten the dust, with Icrontic.com losing their database to hackers. Mortin, the owner, has thrown in the towel and is selling the domain and software (but no data/content) on ebay. There's certainly been some controversy about that site in the past but it's never good to see a community broken up like that and someone's hard work go up in smoke. In case you're wondering, OCAU's database is backed up every night and regularly transferred offsite.

VisionTek are poking a little fun at NVIDIA with an animation on their front page.

LegitReviews have a 4-way roundup of i875P motherboards for your 800MHz P4.

Our Other Toys forum has been swamped with mobile phone threads, so we now have a specific Mobile Phones sub-forum to give the other topics some room.

From eDust: I've read other stuff about this guy a long time ago. He's a homeless guy who manages to hack into major companies and then informs them, or the media. He just broke into a major insurance company in the US.

Chainbolt compared ASUS's P4P800 and ABIT's IS7, 800MHz P4 motherboards, with some overclocking and benchmarking in our Intel Hardware forum.

ARP have an article on Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 product.

Some slightly different approaches to watercooling in some new PCDB entries from MrBean, Huron and omega.

OCPrices compared some thermal pastes from OCZ and Arctic Silver.

From AKKO-XP: Run PC Demos as your screensaver. Works great with ATI DX9 Demos!

Think that governments don't pay any attention to online forums? The CIA and FBI are taking an interest in at least one, thanks Daniel.

MikhailTech went to the Chaintech Reloaded event.

From Alexander: The DGC LAN will be on again on 14th June at Chatswood, Sydney. Registrations opened this Saturday (31st May) People can go to dgc.org.au for details and registration.

Apathy sent in today's flash timewaster, the Three Foot Ninja. I found it a bit too easy.

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