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Thursday Morning #2 (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-June-2003  03:18:08 (GMT +10) - by Agg

FutureMark have decided that NVIDIA weren't cheating with driver optimizations in 3DMark03 after all. Their press-release (with various comments) is repeated here, here and here. HardOCP have a followup to their earlier editorial about benchmarking, with their feelings about the whole shebang.

Squigy_Poodle spotted these PC demos.. takes me back to the days of the Amiga demoscene.

PureOC spent some time overclocking a Barton AthlonXP 2500+.

From SiliconAngel: As you guys are always looking for new Flash Timewasters for the news, I thought I would let you know about Weebl and Bob. It is a series of Flash cartoons, with a new episode every few weeks. They're English, hosted on an English Gamer's site called jolt. You can go here for the first episode (recommended), here for the latest episode, or here to select an episode to watch. This is just too funny - hours of riotous entertainment!!! Mmmm, pie.

Is Dan. Is letters.

Adelaide University has a new supercomputer, among the three fastest computers in Australia, thanks Hawk.

ShadowPeo spotted this online world going insane due to hackers.

AthlonXP are reporting on their front page that ATI will apparently adopt a more NVIDIA-like approach to the production of video cards based on their chipsets.

From Comit: This article is 4 days old, but it's *very* interesting and wasn't ever reported. It's like a laser, but for sound. Instead of a beam of light, it's a beam of sound that can travel vast distances without dispersing.

The Telstra ADSL story continues to grow, with the Govt taking an interest, thanks Sniper.

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