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Monday Night (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 9-June-2003  20:37:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

CyberCPU have a big table of AMD CPU specifications posted. If you want a more wordy trip down memory lane, consider my XP3200+, XP2600+ and SlotA Showdown articles.

Mashie of the "3 PC" below has a couple of other interesting projects in the PCDB, with his SGI O2 workstation converted to a gaming machine and bakelite radio PC.

In a refreshing change, there's a browser security issue that affects Netscape, Opera and Mozilla.. but not Internet Explorer! (crowd gasps) Thanks eixt.

Dan has more letters with answers.

Tech-Report have a 10k-rpm HDD roundup posted.. check our review of WD's Raptor here.

ArsTechnica have an article about shortwave radio and the PC.

Callan spotted this backwards waterfall, where the water seems to flow uphill. I wonder how long until we see this adapted to a water-cooled case?

ipKonfig have thrown in their two cents about the 3DMark controversy, while ViperLair revisit an earlier article about the validity of benchmarks. HardCoreWare express their frustration also.

Papasurf found this article about how many FPS the human eye can actually detect. Might be a lot higher than you thought.

Win yourself an Antec case-carrying wotsit on ausmodders.

There's another issue of ZZZ Online posted.

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