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Thursday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 12-June-2003  02:52:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Very nice custom perspex tower with removable mobo tray from barracuda.

This site attempts to explain the Linux/SCO drama simply, by putting in Dukes of Hazzard terms.

Digit-Life have a memory market overview for June. Impressive, given we're not even halfway through the month yet!

Is Microsoft poised to inhale another market? They're buying an antivirus firm, which has all the other antivirus firms somewhat concerned, thanks Josh. More info here, thanks OhSmeg.

Digit-Life have a 6-way i875P motherboard roundup, for P4's and DDR.

Confused by emoticons? Max223 sent along this guide which helps translate them into Real World usage.

AMDMB have been showing off their 4-way Opteron system - now they have some SETI@Home benchmarks.

I remember Razor1911 from the Amiga days, a demo and warez group. The leader has been sentenced to 18 months jail for piracy offences. d_player33 noticed that Fairlight, another longstanding group, have shut down.. no doubt in response to increased pressure from the feds. Looks like crime really doesn't pay!

eDust sends word that Intel have sold a billion CPUs since they started the x86 line some 25 years ago.

Be nice to your system administrator on Friday 25th July, because it's System Administrator Day, thanks Paul. Hmm, I guess if you're reading this page you're probably the sysadmin in your office. Well, buy yourself a donut or something. :)

MWP noticed some high-resolution microscope pictures of an AMD CPU in this forum thread. To give the server they're on a break, we're mirrored them here.

Bern says that there's a call for an Australian Jabber server. Jabber is an instant-messaging network like ICQ.

TheInq think that NVIDIA's Crush K8 chipset may be closer than expected. This is for AMD64 motherboards, thanks Ambush.

Today's timewaster is Roadies from Willy. I think we've seen it before, but it's not bad.

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